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Ohio State Football Hints at Grey Uni for Michigan State Game

Ohio State football’s social media accounts posted the date “11.11.23” on a grey background this afternoon. A quick check of the schedule reveals that the Buckeyes are hosting Michigan State that night. Could Ohio State be planning a grey-out for that game, complete with grey alternate uniforms?

If so, it wouldn’t be unprecedented. OSU wore grey alternates for a 2017 win over Penn State (additional photos here):

Of course, Nov. 11 is also Veterans Day, which usually means a lot of camouflage and stars/stripes for college football. Maybe they’ll integrate that with the grey somehow..? We’ll presumably find out soon enough.

(My thanks to Ben Teaford, who was the first to alert me to the Ohio State tweet.)

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    No……. just please, no. That game against Penn State was possibly the worst visually football game ever. May not have been so bad if Penn State didn’t wear solid white on the road. Maybe the NCAA will let Michigan State wear green jerseys?

    What could be more dingy and depressing than a stupid gray-out game? Come on, TOSU, make a bold statement. A puce-out game!


    army green vs grey? that might not be the best. but back to the kit…at first I just said to myself, whatever, it’s pointless to want something that can’t happen, like not wearing a bunch of silly alts. and the grey base WITH some red this time? maybe, okay, whatever, it’s not Michigan, knock yourself out. but it’s vets day? aaaah, grey pandering camouflage has to be the case, got it.

    Ohio State football does not have a regular gray jersey in its rotation, the uniform worn in the one example versus Penn State being a one-off. It would be interesting if this time they do include some scarlet with that gray.

    Ohio State football does not have a regular gray jersey in its rotation…

    Well, yes, that’s why I referred to the possibility of them wearing an “alternate” grey uniform.

    Actually I was replying to a message from Phil that had an image of a Photoshopped OSU uniform that he must’ve deleted before I published my reply. Sorry. link

    Leave it to the Buckeyes and their supplier to come up with an ugly alternative for their classic home uniform.

    I’ve yet to see a gray football uniform I’ve liked and I’m sure whatever hits the field in Columbus that day will not change that.

    November 11th is also Corduroy Day, so fingers crossed maybe we’ll wear a corduroy uniform. Two of my absolute favorite things, corduroy and Ohio State football. I’d die.

    All gray looks like crap. I lived in the Columbus area for years, always joked OSU picked that color to match the sky. It’s the most overcast place I’ve ever lived. I guess in that sense, and all gray uni makes sense.

    To be fair, we can’t necessarily call it ‘gray for gray’s sake’. Since, ya know, it’s at least an official school color. Better thank a black out in my opinion.

    Oh, not to say you did. I just think the peanut gallery could be thinking that.
    My point is that in terms of level of egregiousness for specialty one off unis, this one ranks lower on my list.

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