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UTEP Jersey Snafu Leads to Color-vs.-Color Game

There was a rare color-vs.-color FBS college football game last night, as UTEP visited Sam Houston State and accidentally packed their blue home jerseys instead of their road whites.

It’s interesting that Sam Houston stuck with their orange jerseys instead of switching to their white jerseys at home, which is what often happens in this type of situation. But it’s hard to argue with the results, because the blue/orange matchup wasn’t bad at all:

It’s tempting to say, “This just shows we should have more color/color games!” But when the NBA started allowing color/color in 2017 — something I’d been advocating for years — I soon found that I missed having one team in white. I suspect I’d feel the same way about football, so I hope color/color games remain restricted to special occasions (USC vs. UCLA, e.g.) and the occasional packing snafu like last night’s.

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    Surprising that Sam Houston didn’t at least go with like white pants or a different helmet (presuming they have one as most CFB teams seem to). I don’t mind a color v color jersey matchup, but mono v mono is a surprising result of the snafu.

    Maybe it is because I have grown into being a living Michelin man so I do not wear white t-shirts and jerseys anymore but I do not miss white basketball jerseys. Give me color versus color most of the times in basketball. In football, because of the size of the unifroms and the bigger number of players, a team playing in white jerseys still has some appeal, especially the Dolphins, Packers, Bears and most college teams. This was a good mono color game by accident, true.

    I get where you’re coming from vis-a-vis the usefulness of white uniforms. Some color-on-color matchups work (say, Packers/Bears) and some wouldn’t (Raiders/Bears). Having that fallback of white guarantees contrast. Unfortunately, teams with similar color schemes (Chiefs and Commanders) are going to be difficult to tell apart no matter who wears white. So the soccer teams are on to something with their clash kits.

    You mean Chargers vs Chiefs. Or Cardinals vs Seahawks neon green. Or Bengals orange Titans blue.

    I tuned into the game by accident last night. I was pleasantly surprised! I thought the game looked good and wonder where it will land on Vilk’s list this weekend.

    It won’t.

    It’s nice, but it’s not Five-worthy. Definitely not in the running for the &1, either.

    How do you *accidentally* back your home jersey for a road game? Are they in the habit of packing the home jersey? Doesn’t add up.

    Tennessee-Alabama should be one of the select color-vs-color games. Orange and crimson just look like fall football in the south.

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