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New Uni Set for Michigan State, Including a Black Alternate

Some news yesterday out of East Lansing, where Michigan State unveiled a new set of football uniforms. As had long been hinted, the set includes a black alternate. Here’s a better look at that, following by a bunch of additional shots:

They’ve also made adjustments to the green and white uni elements, with the “Greek key” pattern now featured more prominently throughout the uniform. Let’s start with the green:

And here’s the white:

The Spartans’ 2023 schedule begins on Sept. 1, when they host Central Michigan.

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    Yknow what? I like it. The “stripe” should be a little thinner and a more contrasting shade, bit all in all, it ain’t bad. Even the BFBS is acceptable since it means getting rid of the neon green.

    The word on reddit is that MSU was very particular to emphasize that the black uniform is not an alternate, and that the black elements can be mixed and matched with the green and white elements. In a sense, the team now has 27 uniform combinations.

    So that means that the team could still have the neons as an alternate

    I don’t really like anything Sparty—I’m a Buckeye and a Duke fan—but I also don’t hate these!

    I agree that the stripe should be contrasting on the jerseys and pants. That’s the one thing I like about the black alternate (other than the fact that it could replace the neon!!)—the stripes are green against the black.

    The Greek key pattern is aight (and even cool in that it’s unique to Sparty), but the green uni is dark enough. Absolutely no need for BFBS.

    And what is that “splatter”(?) on the hat?



    Reminds me of the ill-fated UW Huskies sandpaper helmet


    On another note, check out the “WARNING” label on the back of the black lid…is that the first “custom” warning label ever? Certainly the first one ever created in the shape of a state that isn’t Colorado or Wyoming.

    I don’t think I have ever seen a helmet safety warning sticker rendered in any shape other than square. More teams should try and hide it like MSU did.

    All I will say is that I hope they wear the green against OSU in November. The green is the only uniform that won’t look bad with the grey that the Buckeyes just released. Black and white both just seem too close to the grey.

    I like the addition of the pattern. Maybe a little overkill to have it on the helmet stripe, collar, sleeves and the pants. Maybe drop the collar, or have solid stripe on the helmet and the pant, with the pattern on the sleeves. There’s a happy medium combo out there somewhere. Also, I think the helmet stripe and pants stripe are too wide.

    The helmet stripe pattern is awesome. The black uniform is so terrible that it makes me very happy. Unfortunately, Wisconsin doesn’t play Michigan State this year, or else I’d be excited to seed the Spartans wear the ugly black uniforms against the Badgers.

    Too gimmicky to me. I liked MSU’s uniforms because you always knew it was them and it was timeless. This will become played out in a few years and they will go back to the basics again. Not sure why they felt the need to change their uniforms. Unneeded and a downgrade.

    ^This ^

    The Spartans’ 2023 schedule begins on Sept. 1, when they host CMU.

    How appropriate, because their alts have the smell of Tuesday night MACtion.

    Nike be like
    ” …we’ve got to do something new & different… hmmmmmm ….
    I know !……Black Alternates !!! “

    So they kept the silly font (and the green that is way, way too dark) and then just added gimmick striping. And a black monstrosity that they’re absolutely going to wear all the time. Nice job, guys!

    Champion should be the only supplier of all athletic uniforms for all sports at all levels. I’ve had it with Nike with their garbages.

    The Greek pattern is all right, but why do they still roll with that hideous number font? So tacky, it belongs on a arena football uni!

    Really like the look of the Greek patterning, think it’s better on the white pants than the green. The helmet stripe would look pretty slick if it were thinner.

    Black uniform feels very BFBS because it doesn’t do anything different other than drop Michigan State across the chest (which makes the chest look a little weird), but could be a lot worse.

    Greek key? Great design, should be used.
    Green and white? The core of MSU’s identity.
    BFBS? Gawd, why? Doesn’t belong.
    Goofy bespoke font? Stop it, Nike.

    Are you going to do a piece on the new Illinois uniforms that were revealed a few days before these?

    That Greek key was used before by the basketball team and is OK on the helmet and the pants. On the jersey? Maybe the collar but not this wide stripe on the sleeves. It does look very tacky that way. Not a popular view but I like the current font the Spartans have. As for the black alternate: granting players wishes. They are the ones who think they look cool and tough in black. Wannabe Raiders, all of them.

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