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Category: BFBS

New York Mets Apparently Changing Design of Black Alternate Caps

Oddly, there’s been no official announcement, but the dots are easy to connect.

New Uni Set for Michigan State, Including a Black Alternate

The Spartans will have a new look this year.

Horse of a Different Color: Colts Unveil Brutal Alternate Uni

Lifting the one-shell rule brings us great throwbacks — but also brings us nonsense like this.

Black Lightning: Chargers Asking Fans About Possible Black Uni

It’s a long way from becoming a reality, but the team appears to be testing the BFBS waters.

No More BFBS? Should Black Be Considered a ‘Neutral’ Color?

When is a black uniform BFBS? And should we rethink our definition of what BFBS actually is?

Back In Black: Jets Hope to Continue Hot Streak in Black Pants

The Jets have worn black pants three straight weeks, and will for at least two more. Is this a new uni superstition?

Bears, Cards Join NFL Alternate-Helmet Bandwagon

With Chicago and Arizona now on board, more than a dozen NFL teams have revealed alternate helmets for 2022.

Dirty Birds: Eagles Add Black Helmet

We’ve known for months that this helmet was coming. Now we finally know how it looks.

Jets Unveil Crummy Black Helmet to Go with Crummy Black Uni

One of the NFL’s worst uniforms just got even worse.

Cold Water: Leafs Go BFBS With Bieber-Designed Alternates

For all photos, click to enlarge As had been expected, the Maple Leafs yesterday hopped aboard the BFBS bandwagon by unveiling a new black alternate uniform, which they’ll wear for …

A Detailed Look at the Mets’ Black Throwbacks

For most photos in this section, you can click to enlarge Hello! Paul here, making a rare Saturday appearance before vamoosing for my annual August break from the site. Now …

Some Thoughts on the Mets Reviving the Black Uniforms

The Mets made it official last night, announcing that the team’s BFBS jerseys (and presumably caps) will be returning “for a limited number of games later this summer.” Further details …

Seahawks and Cardinals Stage Entertaining Uni Clown Show

Click to enlarge Quite the spectacle last night in Seattle, as the neon-clad Seahawks hosted the Magic 8-Balls mono-BFBS Cardinals (lots of additional photos here), creating one of the more …

Smell the Glove: Pitt’s Absurd Blackout Uniforms

I got a note last night from reader Rich Friedman, as follows: Has anyone ever looked into why the chest script and the NOBs on the Pitt Panthers’ black basketball …

A Big Lump of Coal for Christmas

Embed from Getty Images Inexplicable move last night by the Eagles, as they wore their mono-black alternates for last night’s game against the Raiders. Seriously, if your primary team color …