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Uni Watch Is Taking the Day Off

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Uni Watch is taking a break today. Have fun exploring our archives, or Paul’s Substack archives. Or better yet, go outside and do something fun. That’s what we’ll be doing. See you back here on Monday morning!

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    It’s way too hot and humid in these parts. Working in the basement. Weeeeee!
    I love the color gray. I love it visually and metaphorically. I love the/my Lions new blue helmet, but I loathe the mono-gray uniform.
    Here’s what I would love:
    Blue helmet/gray jersey/plain white pants
    Blue helmet/white jersey/plain gray pants

    Enjoy your well-deserved day off. I’m hitting the pool now that the yard is presentable.
    In other uni-related news, looks like Man U’s new kit made its debut in Glastonbury.

    Watch this be the day that the Yankees announce a new 3rd jersey or names on uniforms LOL

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