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Monday Morning Uni Watch

Our weekly roundup of Sunday’s NFL uni news.

Twins Pitcher With 15-Letter NOB Makes Big League Debut

Minnesota right-handed Simeon Woods Richardson now has the longest surname in MLB history — but with an asterisk.

Guess the Game from the Scoreboard for Oct. 2, 2022

With the MLB season winding down, today’s GTGFTS is a regular season MLB game

Uniform Concepts and Tweaks for Oct. 2, 2022

Reader Submitted Uniform Tweaks and Concepts

NCAA Power 5 Uniform & Duck Tracking for Week Five

Trackers Rex Henry, Dennis Bolt, Ethan Dimitroff and James Hill cover all the unis for the Power 5 (and the Ducks)

Five and One for College Football for Week Five

The Five and One is a selection of college football’s best five and worst looking matchups for the week…usually.

Sunday Morning Uni Watch

Sunday Morning Uni Watch features Terry Duroncelet and Wade Heidt

Uniform Concepts and Tweaks for Oct. 1, 2022

Reader Submitted Uniform Tweaks and Concepts

Morss Code: Check Out Todd’s Amazing DIY Hockey Shirseys (and more!)

Reader and UW+ discussion board contributor Todd Morss takes us on an in-depth tour of how he creates incredible DIY projects.

Wrigley Field Vendor Gives Uni Watch Discount

A Wrigley vendor is apparently a big Uni Watch fan.

The Best Players by Uni Number for … the NFL

Our previous “Best Players by Numbers” graphics have looked at particular cities. This one looks at an entire league.

Did Frank Howard Wear Mickey Lolich’s Uniform in a Game?

It definitely happened during pregame activities. But during an actual game? Uni Watch investigates!

History Mystery: Did Two Cleveland Ballplayers Wear the Same Uni Number in the Same Game?

According to an archived radio call, two MLB teammates both wore No. 32 in a 1974 game. Uni Watch investigates!

Collector’s Corner for Sept. 27, 2022

Brinke Guthrie’s weekly roundup of cool eBay finds.

The Pro Bowl Is Dead, Long Live Awful Pro Bowl Uniforms!

The NFL has pulled the plug on the uni-verse’s best showcase for entertainingly bad uniforms.