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Uni Watch Soccer Jerseys Available Again for a Limited Time

After I announced yesterday that the Uni Watch hockey and cycling jerseys were briefly being revived, a few people asked about our soccer jerseys. So I got in touch with Austin Chen of Equipt, who produced those jerseys back in 2022, and he’s agreed to make them available again.

You can order yours here. Just like with the hockey and cycling designs, you can choose your desired number and NOB, but only through the end of this week, so move fast!

Comments (3)

    As much disdain as I have for ads on uni’s, I often give soccer a pass. I think it would be cool if these had a special ad. Something of Paul’s liking. A thrift shop, independent record label, Branook device company, etc.

    Sadly they cap out at 2XL so there isn’t an option for me. They do look quite nice though.

    We can make an exception for you… just mention it in your order notes and we’ll get you sorted out!

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