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Ewww: Ducks Announce Uniform Advertiser

The Anaheim Ducks, who up until now had not sold space on their jersey to an advertiser, joined the ad-clad ranks today, as they announced that they’ll wear an ad for a property management firm this fall. The ad will appear on the team’s home and alternate jerseys, but not on the white road jersey.

As you can see in the photo above, the Ducks are also wearing a 30th-anniversary patch this season (the logo was unveiled back in February, although I think this might be the first time we’ve seen it on a jersey). It’s not clear, at least to me, how the team will handle the “C” and “A” designations for its captain and alternate captains, although I assume they’ll be placed alongside the anniversary patch, which will make for a very crowded presentation.

The Ducks are the second NHL team in as many days to announce that they’re whoring out their jersey to an advertiser. The first was the Flyers, who folded a new jersey ad into yesterday’s new uni unveiling (and then included the ad on a promotional cookie).

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    The Ducks so need a uniform overhaul. Getting rid of the side torso striping and piping around the shoulders. Fads with a limited shelf life that has passed.

    Make me wonder. Would fans want to see a return to the original eggplant with jade and silver trim as a primary look again? Or do we like staying with the black with orange and gold trim?

    Feels like most of the fan base is begging for a return to the classic colors, but there’s also a good chunk that want the classic logo with the orange/black scheme. I’m firmly in the Go Back to the Classics Camp. The current webbed-foot D logo isn’t popular with many, if any.

    “property management firm” They own apartments. They’re landlords.

    Who the **** is even the ******* audience for this ************* ad patch? I mean, does anybody go looking for apartments based on what firm owns them?

    Exactly. I don’t know what value, say, Occidental Petroleum gets from advertising on the Astro’s uniforms.

    Yeah, there’s that one too, forgot about that one. And the first thing that comes to my mind for “OXY” is the acne treatment product line, and the *unrelated* petroleum company’s logo makes me think of a face-cleansing pad, so that’s a total fail on their part!

    I never bothered to look into it. I just assumed it WAS for the zit cream. lol

    I almost thought that was Vought Industries logo. Homelander as the Center!!

    They should rotate the ad clockwise 90° on the captain’s jersey, and 180° on the alternate captains’ jerseys.

    I would start by losing Ducks as the team’s name. Silly tie-in to a long ago Disney movie.

    I’m not sure who Western National Property Management is trying to reach with this ad. My dad used to be on a race car crew. His team was sponsored by Delta faucets. I’m not sure this sponsorship increased sales. It did give upper management a chance to hobnob in their luxury suite. The sponsorship bought them access to this sport, which they used to make deals. This might be the case here.

    At first glance, I thought it looked like the “W” on the Washington Commanders helmets.

    A while back, IBM was advertising their massive corporate servers on NFL broadcasts. I remember it being for NFL playoff games and possibly the Super Bowl. There was a lot of snark directed at IBM. “Well, you’ve got the massive-server-buyers market locked up.”

    Sure, they did that. But they also sent the message to consumers that IBM is a trusted longtime maker of computers. If they make these massive servers, they must make a solid, dependable PC for my home.

    That was the attempt, anyway. Ads are always aimed at a wider audience than it would seem.

    Of course, there’re the dumb ego-driven reasons as well: “Our logo’s on a jersey/stadium,” “I’ve always loved this team/sport,” “I get a luxury box for every game AND PLAYOFFS!,” “I get to hobnob and be hobnobbed with.” These aren’t top of the list (one hopes), but they’re in the mix.

    The sheen might be dulling on naming-rights and jersey ads, but the status is still a draw. I haven’t seen any stats regarding corporations’ benefits from these ad deals. Have you?

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