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While We Wait for the Lions: The Flyers Put Their Uni Ad on a Cookie!

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Good morning, and happy summer solstice! The big story of the day will be the Lions’ new alternate helmet (which, judging by the latest hint, will be blue with silver striping and the old Mustang-striped logo). I’m not sure what time they plan to reveal the design, but here’s a little something to tide you over until they do.

So: As you surely know by now, the Flyers unveiled their new uniform set, which includes an extremely unattractive new ad patch, yesterday morning. Later in the day, they held a happy hour with team executives for season ticket holders and gave out free cookies based on the team’s new home jersey. Twitter-er @jorilextera, who I gather is somewhat famous on Flyers Twitter, attended the event and posted the photo shown above, which is how the world learned that the Flyers included the new jersey advertisement on their confectionary giveaway. Mmmm, tastes like corporate partnership!

At least one other event attendee also posted something about the cookie, although in a slightly different context:

The funniest thing about this is that the Flyers crest was obviously applied to the cookie by hand (and, if you compare the two tweets, rather inconsistently), while the ad was applied via some sort of preprinted method (probably via a frosting sheet). So the advertiser was given a higher priority than the team, at least in terms of logo fidelity. Make of that what you will.

(My thanks to Twitter-er @kodywiddak for bringing the cookie to my attention.)



Can of the Day

I’d say there’s a slight scale problem with that illustration, which appears to show either the world’s largest peach or the world’s smallest pineapple. Either way, though, a very nice can.

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Happy birthday to longtime reader/pal Jeff Ash, who’s celebrating another trip around the sun today. Enjoy your special day, Jeff, and good luck with the upcoming procedure! — Paul

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    Sad. That cookie is a poorly executed mess, but the ad, of course is flawless and perfectly legible.

    Stupid(?) question, as I am not a custom-cookie eater.

    You’re supposed to eat that with the ad on, right? Like, it’s edible?

    When I look at baked goods, I regard elements done by hand decorating as having higher priority than those done with printed applications. Like, a total non-baker with no pastry skills (like me!) can print and apply a frosting sheet, but it takes real skill and craftsmanship to make art with icing. On that cookie, the Flyers logo looks to me like it’s the point of the cookie, and the ad looks to me like an awkward afterthought.

    Not disagreeing or arguing with Paul’s cookie conclusion, just noting a different gut reaction to the same phenomenon. Paul sees the element with greater fidelity in reproduction as indicating higher priority, and I see the element requiring greater skill to produce as indicating higher priority. Just a difference in perspective that strikes me as interesting.

    I was going to say the same thing. The lovingly hand-crafted Flying P logo is charming and befitting of the nature of a cookie. If they had attempted to do the ad patch in frosting, I would give them a tiny bit of credit for being consistent in their corporate nefariousness.

    Hello Paul, the cat in the video tweet reminded me you haven’t provided an update on Caitlin in a while. If you feel inclined, can you let us know how she is doing? So many of us are rooting for her!

    Thanks for asking, Brian. I’d say she’s doing OK-ish. Not awful, but also not great. If she stays at this level, I’m OK with that; if she declines any further, I may have to make some hard decisions.

    On the plus side, she’s still eating and drinking:

    Thanks for the update, and cute pictures! Very happy to hear she is not doing worse, and hoping she can even improve.

    Said it before, worth repeating here – the Flyers logo is one…if not THE…most difficult to draw.

    Ya got me : )
    I should have chosen my words more carefully.
    It’s one of the simplest/less-detailed logos out there that in my experience is one of – if not THE – the most difficult to draw.

    blue with silver striping and the old Mustang-striped logo

    I’m good with that!

    Love the old logo, so it’ll be great to see it on the helmet. And blue on top of the gray alt uni will break up the mono-ness quite nicely.

    Based on this video tweet


    I’m gonna say blue helmet (probably more metallic than matte), with the northwestern striping, chrome grille and same logo as they current have on the hat…

    If this cookie story came out last week it would have been a real test of Paul’s positivity week :)

    Well, This is what I thought of yesterday except there are no chrome parts. Nice helmet for that horrible mono gray outfit. As for the Flyers cookie, these cookies all taste the same to me: very bland. But kudos for trying to recreate the team logo and no kudos for applying the ad.

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