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And Look, There’s Vai Sikahema Punching the Goalpost

Even if you don’t love the Eagles — as a Giants fan, I’m not exactly enamored of them myself — you’d have to have a heart of concrete not to be moved by this excellent time-lapse video, which shows a family creating their own DIY football field, complete with an Iggles logo in the end zone. Enjoy (and give a tip of the cap to Jim Vilk, who pointed me toward this clip).

New ESPN column today, about a topic I’ve touched upon many times but never fully delved into until now — enjoy.

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Cleveland party reminder: Uni Watch gathering next Tuesday, Jan. 10, 7pm, at Prosperity. See you there, yes? Yes!

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Uni Watch News Ticker: A bunch of those embargoed NBA throwbacks have leaked. I’ll have more to say about these designs tomorrow, probably on ESPN. … Very bottom of this article breaks the news that many of you already knew, namely that the Rockies are ditching their road pinstripes. I’ve seen the new design and can confirm that it’s essentially the same as the old one, minus the pins and with the addition of a purple headspoon and sleeve piping. … Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: Two more NFL zebras who wear glasses: referee Tony Corrente and field judge Rob Vernatchi. … Also from yesterday: Nebraska’s Kenny Bell was wearing some very nice striped socks in the Credit Card Bowl. … Looking to jazz up your baseball card collection? This light-up Topps sign might do the trick. … Marc Bauche was watching a rerun of HBO’s Cap/Pens 24/7 thingie and noticed two great details in the Penguins’ clubhouse: players’ razors arranged by uni number and a sensational weightlifting tee. … The Outback Bowl Alumni Tailgate Parties featured facsimile jerseys for each of the participating schools — a Bubba Smith jersey for Michigan State and Frank Sinkwich for UGA. “At least one fan noticed, as the Bubba Smith sign was stolen from the area at the end of the event,” says Jerry Kulig. … Federal authorities have seized a bunch of counterfeit Winter Classic gear (from Tris Wykes). … Good slideshow of Blackhawks uniform history here (from Benjamin Gordon). … Stylized or just illegible? You be the judge. That’s Warren Central High School in Indianapolis (from Jason Merkel). … Justin Eller noticed something from the Chicken Sandwich Bowl: “UVa linebacker LaRoy Reynolds had two numbers on the back of his helmet ”“- his own (9) and that of his friend and fellow linebacker Steve Greer (53), who was unable to play due to a knee injury. Back in 1998, Virginia added a ‘3’ sticker after team captain Anthony Poindexter suffered a season-ending knee injury, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen an individual player honor a teammate in this manner.” … “If you have kids, you can encourage their uni sensibilities by entering this Lil’ Teammates coloring contest,” says Jason Mott. “You can see past winners here.” … New jerseys for North Dakota women’s hockey (from Kelly Hellman). … Adam Walter was at his local Home Depot and discovered that Nike is now recycling its sneakers into carpet padding. … F1 driver Kamui Kobayashi has raised $19,000 for charity by selling a custom helmet (from Omar Jalife). … “My sister has been in Russia for a few months and sent these dolls to me for Christmas,” says Marc Aune. “We both laughed hard (and shed a few tears) when I discovered the final doll inside.” … With Steve Spagnuolo having been fired in St. Looie, several readers have asked if this might open the door for longtime Rams equipment manager Todd Hewitt — who was unceremoniously fired by Spags when he took the helm — to return to the team. I did some checking, and here’s the scoop: The bad news is that Todd’s return to the Rams is unlikely; the good news is that he’s settled in pretty nicely as the equipment manager at Cal, where he’s responsible for the entire athletic program, not just football. … My recent Ticker mention of the strings hanging off of some Giants’ jerseys, and how they look like Jewish tzittzit, prompted Ronnie Yates to send me a piece about — wait for it — high-performance compression tzittzit! … Yesterday was Jane McGrath Day at the Sydney Cricket Ground. “The whole ground goes pink,” explains Murray Conallin. “Jane McGrath, the wife of champion fast bowler Glenn McGrath, died of breast cancer.” ”¦ With Colorado State getting a new football coach, some folks have developed concepts for potential new uniforms. ”¦ It’s a little hard to make out, but CNN political commentator Roland Martin, who’s originally from Houston, was wearing a Texans lapel pin on Tuesday night (good spot by Dan O’Hara). ”¦ New logo for NORCECA, which stands for the Volleyball Confederation for North and Central America and the Caribbean (from Jeremy Brahm).

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    Cool clip of the kid’s field…..I just never realized they used actual paint that color green-I really thought it was vomit.

    “Fun” people do the darndest things…

    don’t have to be rich to spry paint a yard

    course… beautiful house on a lake (i assume), and a time lapse video ain’t exactly east pittsburgh now is it? haha

    all that said though, awesome awesome awesome job!!! love the grid work too, SO very clever for a job of that scale!

    I watched it without sound, and in my head I heard the theme song from “King of the Hill.”

    That Eagles end zone is nice, but check out this one that came up in the suggestions next to it on YouTube:


    This guy in Hawaii made up the whole field for Super Bowl XLII and it says in the description they do it every year, but all the videos they have are from that year. It’s a smaller scale than the Eagles end zone, too small to play on, but looks like an awesome place to have a Super Bowl party.

    They also did the Hawaii-Georgia Sugar Bowl that year. (Wonder if because of Hawaii is why they got started doing that.)


    This might be a good story for a future Uni Watch.

    Here’s an article from 2005 when he did it for Super Bowl XXXIX. It says this was the third time he did it, he started for Super Bowl XXXVII because his wife was a Bucs’ fan.


    His name is John Rau.

    It’s odd that the guys Texans lapel pin seems to be the reverse of the way the logo normally appears (i.e. it’s facing left rather than right). A quick Google search of “Texans logo” has 99.99% (if not all) of them facing right.

    Too bad the Rockies are dropping the road pinstripes. Just like with the Twins altering their road uniforms a couple of years ago and the Padres changing from sand to gray, this is an unfortunate step toward the homogenization of baseball uniforms.

    True, there’s not an emphasis on unique baseball uniforms nowadays. So I’m anxious to see how the Marlins look when they hit the turf this spring. Miami has the potential to be the style trendsetters in 2012; no promises, mind you.


    there’s not an emphasis on unique baseball uniforms nowadays.

    Except for the Baltimore, Toronto and Miami uniforms, all of which have very distinctive elements.

    As far as I’m concerned, the only teams that are unique in terms of design elements (titles, numerals and fonts notwithstanding) are the Braves, with their triple-wide headspoon and trimmed belt tunnels, and the A’s, by dint of their colors. The remaining teams are slavishly conformist. How would it be if you had a team or two with piping running down the shoulder? Or, God forbid, some cross-hatching or a faint argyle in the stripes?


    Agreed. The road pins were the best thing the Rockies had going for them, uni-wise. Throw in the horrid Spaceman Spiff alts with the new road uni Now With 100% More Boringâ„¢, and the Rox may just enter 2012 with the worst unis in the big leagues.

    So they look like everyone else… I guess the “Worst in the League” is like a 24 team tie.

    There are a lot of teams crowded around the C-plus, B-minus range in my book now that the Mets and Jays eliminated their suck. So with so many teams in the “not bad” category, virtues like “interesting” or “distinctive” go a long way. So does lack of sucky alt and home/road consistency. The Rockies are now a mediocre uni team with no interesting elements, no distinctive look, no home/road uni consistency, and the suckiest alts in baseball. With the new road unis, the Rox are maybe the only C-minus in baseball for me.

    And yes, “look like everyone else” is actually kind of a big failure. The whole point of teams wearing uniforms is not to look like one another.

    I’m pretty sure we’re in agreement here. That’s the whole problem with the MLB. Everyone looks the same.

    When you start ranking MLB uniforms, you’re almost just ranking wordmarks.

    The Rockies really ought to embrace the fact that they’re the only team using purple and wear more of it instead of being just another team in a black cap.

    The Rockies really ought to embrace the fact that they’re the only team using purple and wear more of it instead of being just another team in a black cap.

    Amen to that. It’s sad that, through last year at least, the two fraternal twins in the Rockies and Marlins had both devolved their uniforms to looking like cheap ripoffs of the White Sox (i.e., basically black and white). This coming from two teams that entered the league with standout colors.

    Now the Marlins have started to fix their problems, I wonder how long it will take for the Rockies to do a big redesign. Either use some full-on purple, or go with something else mountain-y (is that a word?): green, blue, etc. The black is just STUPID.

    A second amen to that. All the Rockies really need to do is go with purple pins home and road, their purple cap all the time, and a single purple alt with sleeves, keep everything else the same (except switching black for purple where necessary in their marks for background contrast), and they’d have a very nice, very distinctive uni set that made them as instantly recognizable as the Dodgers, Cardinals, or the pre-2005 Braves.

    The Marlins should have moved towards more orange, aqua or both. They’re just another black colored team with even shittier logos & wordmarks now. I won’t lose any sleep over the Rockies losing the road pins (not really a fan of that) but yeah, they need to add more purple / make themselves a primary purple team. I would classify them with a solid logo but really boring unis. I did a few Rockies concepts & would stick the Rockies with purple, cream & white; maybe silver. But no black, no blue or green.

    The biggest problem with road uniforms is the bland solid material itself which needs heathered gray patterning in the absolute worst way. Also (I think) nobody has any sleeveless road jerseys which is a shame. I’d almost be for a slightly dark/darker gray road uni if it’s designed right (with bright/white wordmarks) but not charcoal colored. Their being basically all the shame shade of gray is beyond boring.

    As for the White Sox, I have my own crazy ideas for them; whenever that comes up which is up to Phil. I think their current look is the most boring & worst of their last 5 full uni changes.

    The Jeff and I probably strongly disagree on what MLB uniforms should look like. I’m in the camp that home uniforms should be white and road uniforms should be gray or some similar shade (i.e., Padres sand or the Astros mid-80s off-white). Eliminating all the dark-colored alts, which suck, would be terrific. That being said, I want distinct elements for teams, like the road pins that the Rockies and Twins had, and before them that were used by the Padres and Reds. I liked when the Pirates, Reds and Marlins wore vests.

    Yeah, scott, we definitely disagree. I’d like to see more colored uniforms.

    Honestly, I’m wondering how you can want distinctive uniforms while simultaneously wanting only white & gray. It seems contradictory to me. How distinctive can a team really be if everyone is forced to wear the same base colors?

    On the baseball uniform set the color & element distinctiveness comes from the cap color & logo, the uniform trim & accents (if any), wordmarks, patches, piping, belt, shoes, socks or stirrups. NOT the actual base of the jersey itself unless it’s a cream, off-white or sand, and even then it’s modest.

    Jeff (whom is not a baseball fan) needs to understand that baseball & its uniforms are not like football’s, hockey’s or basketball’s where there is no gray uniform. The gray uniform was probably designed by the fact that baseball is a summer sport & played under the sun & in hot climates, but that didn’t stop teams from going dark, but it didn’t stick for part; in at least monochrome dark. At least a long time ago it was understood that dark tops paired with light pants look like shit in baseball.

    But my main objection to dark tops in regular season & playoffs is that it looks very Spring Training / batting practice-ish, very gaudy re-introduced 1970s pullover-ish, and in the Selig era to whore the sport out in the gift shop to make as many unnecessary alternates & fashion jerseys & much as money as obscenely possible. Once Jeff understands this stigma with the color top, we’ll all be better off for it.

    I think the most neglected part of baseball uni concepts is the baseball jacket – which I am all for making in color & as interesting as possible. That’s where baseball gets its color top from.

    “All the Rockies really need to do is go with purple pins home and road, their purple cap all the time, and a single purple alt with sleeves”

    Under this great Phil weekend post of the Jerry Reuss interview was all my Rockies shit from late March. Man it feels like a lifetime ago:


    “Honestly, I’m wondering how you can want distinctive uniforms while simultaneously wanting only white & gray. It seems contradictory to me. How distinctive can a team really be if everyone is forced to wear the same base colors?”

    This is the phenomenon we call ‘design.’ There are plenty of ways to make your team look unique while wearing the same color garment, you just need to be a bit creative to find them, and then make sure it’s functional and fashionable before you go to press on it.

    first of all…ROAD PINS SUCK…ass


    moving on:

    “As for the White Sox, I have my own crazy ideas for them; whenever that comes up which is up to Phil.”

    look for that to run one of the days paul gives me the keys to the weekday posts when he’s in clevo

    should be a kick-ass post


    finally, i think all y’all know where i stand on colored tops — pair them with same color bottoms, with rups, and that is a WIN (i don’t want to see it often, but i do want to see some monochrome)

    softball tops paired with different color pants are the devils work

    “…namely that the Rockies are ditching their road pinstripes. I’ve seen the new design and confirm that it’s essentially the same as the old one, minus the pins and with the addition of a purple headspoon and sleeve piping.”

    So basically, this: link

    You know, I actually like this a lot! Now, there are no more pinstripes to obscure the purple. If you have a unique color, might as well bring it out as strongly as possible. (OK, no Barney softball tops please. But you get the idea.)
    As for any “lost uniqueness” in road pinstripes, I don’t give any credit for being the only team to do something bad. After all, a Chinese restaurant *could* serve distinctive dishes featuring Parmesan cheese, but once they realize that the idea sucks and that there is a reason why nobody else does it, nobody will bemoan the loss of the one cheese-infested Chinese restaurant.

    You make it sound like nobody else puts Parmesan on their sweet and sour chicken.

    What? I’m the only one?

    But road pins are not something bad. There is no rational ground for accepting home pins but not road pins. Pinstripes are either ridiculous, anachronistic affectations that belong at the Mens Wearhouse, not a baseball locker room, or they’re just fine for road unis too. After all, road pins are just as old in baseball as home pins.

    Road pins are especially valid given the lightening of road gray fabric over the last generation. By making road unis appear darker, and thus more distinctive from the home team, road pins are a Very Good Thing from the perspective of the actual function that uni design is supposed to serve.

    Road pinstripes are a good thing and have historical precedent. I’d like to see more teams use them, or at least those with a history of wearing home pins.

    “Pinstripes are either ridiculous, anachronistic affectations that belong at the Mens Wearhouse…”


    hey arr…don’t you be dissin’ the men’s wearhouse, now

    right paul?

    That’s basically how I thought of the Rockies roads were anyway. Didn’t ever really think about the pinstripes / don’t ever see them play. Tho this ‘change for the sake of change’ is a thinly veiled attempt to sell more jerseys.

    If the NFL sees that video, you can count on seeing officially licensed NFL home-lawn stencils at your local Home Depot, by August.

    As long as he’s not selling them (making money of them) I think he can do it all he likes.

    Well… my comment was meant to be a joke… but not making money from it hasn’t stopped the movie & music industries from suing people.

    Is it wrong to merge geeky properties with sports design? If it is, I don’t want to be right! Getting the Zelda one:


    Dude! That’s right up my alley! Y’know, I’ve always wanted a Max Headroom sweater..


    Thanks guys!

    @Walter I can barely recall that show! Not sure how I can get it to translate to a hockey jersey. Lots or red, blue, and yellow stripes?

    Noticed last night during the Bruins/Devils game that Chara has a little #38 sticker for Pavol Demtria on the back left side of his helmet. Hadn’t noticed it before. Sorry no screen grab.

    Has anyone noticed that all of the unis in the AFC playoffs are mediocre at best? (Sure, the Steelers, OK, but I still can’t forgive the numerals.) None of the best AFC unis (Oakland, Jets, Indy, KC, Buffalo, Cleveland) made it. Meanwhile, the NFC field is chock full of great unis (Green Bay, New Orleans, Giants, San Fran).

    I’m rooting for Houston in the AFC because their uni sucks the least and it’s their first playoff year, and New Orleans in the NFL because I love that town. Super Bowl prediction: Giants-Patriots.

    Why does everyone hate the Steelers number font? It’s not hard to read. It looks fine. Sheesh.

    Because aside from their weaker (as in “less bold” appearance), italicized numbers look goofy on a football jersey.

    Because they occupy such a rectangular space, football numbers need to have both a consistent line weight and a high degree of vertical symmetry. That’s why the various Athletic Blocks work so well to my eye, as do the fonts used by the Chicago Bears and Arizona Cardinals. It’s when you start greatly varying line widths or moving numbers off the vertical axis that they fall flat.

    Or when they have corny stylistic elements that leach the professionalism out of a team’s look (Detroit).

    I, for one, think it’s an unnecessary change for change’s sake. Nike came in and decided it “needed” to alter the jersey numbers to match the teeny weeny little helmet sticker numbers. (And not the other way around? Crap.)
    For the exact same reason, I would lose my temper if the Habs used Helvetica numbers on their jerseys. And the idea is just as silly, isn’t it?

    I really don’t have a problem with helmet numbers and jersey numbers matching. It’s not really a requirement, but it’s not a bad thing. Heck, with all of the fuss about counterfeit jerseys, it’s kinda surprising more teams don’t use custom number fonts. It’s harder to copy a jersey if it’s using a unique font.

    Do we even know if it was actually Nike’s idea? For all we know, the Steelers might have asked them to do it. It does make them instantly recognizable.

    Dan Rooney said that Nike initiated the process, coming to them with a series of proposals. Nike initially approached two teams with dramatic re-designs; the Steelers and Broncos. Obviously they found a more receptive audience in Denver.

    When the Steelers unveiled the Nike-tweaked jerseys, it was mentioned that “Steelers president Dan Rooney insisted on the minimum changes so as not to break with tradition.”

    I hate that italicized font on the Steelers; especially for a classic uni & organization who Had It Rightâ„¢ a long time ago but made it shitty for no reason.

    Stinkin’ shitty little italicized helmet numbers. A pox on them!

    Speaking of NFL helmet numbers, I wonder what the rundown is on teams who have them & those who don’t. Never really thought about it.

    Only a few teams place them prominently (Giants, Steelers), but doesn’t every team have numbers somewhere on the helmet?

    …that’s a really good question.

    Even the Gridiron Uniform Database site doesn’t track that.

    I may have to fire up Madden later and see how many teams it has helmet numbers for. (Not that it would be a definitive answer, but it should be close)

    Cowboys still use the Dymo.

    Though I was trying to see what Romo had on his last week. It certainly looked more that 4 characters long.

    “…… New jerseys for North Dakota women’s hockey (from Kelly Hellman). … ”

    I like ’em. Like the men’s jerseys with the Sioux profile (top of the linked page) even better. Excellent use in both cases of two shades of green.

    I also love North Dakota as both polity and place. Fine people, fantastic Great Plains scenery, and lots of beautiful prairie churches punctuating the landscape. Too bad about the big coal seam.

    I had the carpet replaced in my house last Spring by Home Depot and used the recycled Nike padding. It is good padding for the price and made me feel a little better knowing it was a recycled product. Props to Nike for the recycling initiative.

    Before you ask, no the padding does not smell like old sneakers.

    I wonder if Nike would take my old pair of shoes, which is on the bottom & sides is full of hot glue gun residue, metal gun staples, Gorilla glue, some kind of yellow foam glue, paint and about 12 years worth of sweat, dirt, tar, driveway sealant & gunk. The rubber sole started coming off about 6 years ago but didn’t feel like buying a new junk pair of outdoor shoes so I improvised. It’s basically a foam sponge shoe now.

    My high school sports teams all use the Oakley stylized O for the logo, kinda curious if anyone knows of any other teams that use a corporate logo as their logo? (I see Oregon/Maryland heading this direction)

    This is the full uniform no really good pics available for the logo:

    The Green Bay Packers defensive backs have been wearing the “tzitzis” for a while now. Most notably Charles Woodson and Al Harris. I don’t know who started th trend on the team, but like I said, I know it has been going on for at least five years. It always bugs me when I see this.





    Any idea if Woodson did that in Oakland? I don’t remember him doing it, but then it’s not really that obvious if you aren’t looking for it.

    Thanks for the link to the Colorado State uni concepts. I really dig the whole “boned horn” concept (though the term itself leaves something to be desired), particularly when kept with the current gold-on-green color scheme. I think it both looks sharp from a design standpoint and helps differentiate the CSU Rams from the St. Louis Rams. Of course, at the moment I’m more concerned about the state of the team itself than its uniforms…

    Coming from an Alabama fan, I hope Coach Mac does well for you guys. He seems to be a good man and was generally well-liked around these parts (which isn’t always easy for a Bama coach). I’ll be a Rams fan as long as he is there.

    As for that uni concept… um, well… I’ll just be nice and say it is, indeed, different.

    Folks around here are excited about Coach Mac. Big upswing in enthusiasm so hopefully he will take it further. Hopefully if they do new uniforms they will blend the present look with any new concepts and make something cool.

    Speaking of the Steelers’ Nikified numbers, I found link of the April 1997 unveiling on Google News, and even in this terrible scan you can see that Nike’s original number font link by the time they took the field later that year.

    I should say “might have been altered”, since the scan quality is so low. And Bettis’s numbers appear to be the production version, although again the quality is so bad I’m not sure I’m comfortable saying that.

    But if that’s distortion on Stewart’s numbers, it’s pretty consistent at the top and bottom of his “0”.

    Got to find a better picture.

    I also believe the placement of the logo on the jersey was also a new development starting in 1997.

    Warren HS is guilty of illegibility AND overstyling. As a referee, it’s not easy to read gold characters on white/light silver jerseys. Even worse when trying to keep score, whether it’s courtside or up in a pressbox (I’ve seen football teams go this route as well).

    The font is one of the most overused in sub-college level sports…Demonized. Someone took DePaul’s proprietary athletics font, converted it to ttf, and sent it to the interwebs. It’s so awkward looking, inconsistent, and trendy for teams that want to look tougher than the image provided by standard fonts.

    I can tell that player is wearing 11 pretty damn easily.

    I really can’t see anyone at court level (referees, etc) having any trouble reading that. Up in the stands or press boxes, ok maybe.

    Still, it presents a potential problem, and when there’s no reason they couldn’t have done it in a way that would have avoided the issue, this design fails the functionality test. Design is more than creativity and being unique. It’s also about clarity. If you want gold lettering on your uniform, fine. You have to use a darker gold, and you shouldn’t be mucking it up with white space in between your light gold lettering and black outline. One-color lettering in dark metallic gold would have worked great. Dark metallic gold with a thick black outline would have worked, too. Black lettering with any color gold outline would have been excellent. Light metallic gold with a black outline, separated by white, which does not contrast well against the gold lettering, is a potential disaster. Referees and stat guys don’t have the luxury of looking at a straight on photo of the player’s chest after every play to see who gets the point/assist/foul. They’re looking at the action from as much as 45 feet away at game speed.

    Exactly, Andy.

    An 11 might be easy enough to see, but I’ll bet other numbers would be a lot harder. Scrap that font pronto.

    Seems like I’m in the minority on the new Rockies roadies — I like it that they’ve dropped the pins, which for some reason I’ve never liked on any team’s road grays, although I like them on home whites. They’ve done a lot of dicking around with alternates and road uniforms over the years, but the basic home pinstripes with ROCKIES across the front is basically unchanged since day 1 of the franchise (nearly 20 years now), and I applaud them for that. They look great, as do the black caps with purple CR trimmed in silver, also unchanged since day 1.

    If they’d just completely drop the horrible alt black vests they’d have a very nice, clean look both home and away, with just enough purple — the cap letters, the pins on the home jerseys, the letters on the roadies — to be distinctive. I could live with or without a purple alt jersey — maybe once per road trip, something like that, or just dump it altogether.

    RE: the Lil’ Teammates….

    First, the NFL ones are listed in city/state order (St. Louis, not Saint Louis, btw).

    More importantly and oddly, the Redskins are shown with the yellow-shelled “R” throwback helmet. ?????

    If you actually click on it, there’s multiple figures. They have both the throwback Redskins and the current one. Same thing for the Bears who are pictured with an orange jersey.

    Speaking of Hewitt, this article looks even more ridiculous in hindsight:


    (As usual, Mike Florio is a dunderhead.)

    So…Hewitt was causing distractions that could have gotten in the way of the Rams winning football games…and they got rid of him…and went 2-14.

    More proof that many football coaches are simply paranoid control freaks. To put it nicely.

    Anybody have any idea why Sam Houston State is the “away” team in the 1-AA Championship game…even though they are the Number 1 seed from the beginning of the playoffs….


    The last sentence is your answer. (I don’t like the answer, but it’s the answer)


    Home and Away Designations
    North Dakota State will be the home team for the championship game and will wear dark jerseys (yellow jersey on green pants). The Bison will occupy the west sideline at Pizza Hut Park and their fans will sit behind them on the same side as the press box. Sam Houston State will be the visiting team and will wear light jerseys (white tops on white pants). The Bearkats will occupy the east sideline and their fans will sit behind them. A coin flip determined the home team.

    Awww man…I have to see that ugly ass yellow hat and shirt on Saturday…that sucks.!!!!!!!

    Always good to hear some 1-AA talk!
    (I’m a James Madison University grad. FCS Champs 2004. Go DUKES!)

    I will be at the 1-AA Championship game. I don’t know what side I will be on. (God I hope I am on the NDSU side) cheering on Sam Houston State. Eat em Up KATS!!!!

    It’s a shame they went through all that painstaking work to paint the end zone and wound up painting the Eagles’ bird logo backwards. It’s supposed to be oriented right-to-left (i.e. the bird facing the left), not left-to-right.

    actually on their logo slick it shows it facing right when combined with the word mark. I’m not sure if this orientation is followed on the actual endzone or not.

    Really liked the eagles enzone vid, ESP the old school NFL films music. Question for anyone who might know is there any legal precedent for the NFL to sue or send out a C & D letter to the guy who made the backyard logo?

    Has anyone else noticed Nike’s new sock design that has been popping up in the bowl games? Maybe it’s a football version of the Elite sock?

    Stanford had White & Cardinal

    Oregon in Black & Gray

    WVU in White & Navy. Clemson in White & Orange

    Paul, have you ever held a San Francisco Uni Watch gathering? You need to get out to the West Coast!

    Damn, looks like I totally missed the 07 gathering. Looking forward to the next time you’re out here.

    Re: the Pistons blurb in the ESPN article…

    As far as the signature on the court, it’s been moved to a large banner crossing over most of the retired number banners, which were also redone to be more jersey-like. All of the banners were redone, with the old division title banners removed (as well as the Shock championship banners). So there’s still very much a Bill Davidson memorial at the Palace; it’s just not on the court, and neither are the duplicated retired jersey numbers/names.

    I’ve never been crazy about the idea of permanent memorials on uniforms, though, so the removal of the tag doesn’t bother me.

    Makes me wonder what they did with the Shock championship banners. Ship them off to Tulsa? Raffle them off for charity? Give away to one (un)lucky fan?

    Here’s an interesting topic: what becomes of championship banners for teams that are no longer around? The Detroit Drive won 4 ArenaBowls but I’m pretty sure their banners no longer hang in the rafters at Joe Louis Arena. Not much room left up there as it as! Also, I’d love to get my hands on the Detroit Vipers Turner Cup banner.

    NHL All-Star voting results are in, and link.

    Which puts us in an interesting scenario regarding the captains. Do they go with Alfredsson and Phaneuf (seemingly the default choice, as they’re captains of their respective teams)? Do they pull both captains from the Senators? Or do they pull a stunt and name Tim Thomas one of the captains (since it is a meaningless exhibition, after all)?

    Since there is only one captain per team and Alfredsson is the elder statesman in the East, I’m guessing he’ll wearing the “C” in front of the hometown crowd regardless of which fantasy team he’s on.

    Kenny Bell’s sock stripe is the inside of a Nike sock that is rolled over. I’m not quite sure what that little bit of red is coming from though.

    Dear commenter Beth who got upset when I called Philly fans, “scum people,” the other day:


    Like I said that day, I’m sure 99.999% of Philly fans are wonderful, lovely human beings, but they intentionally act like assholes inside Philly sports arenas and that kind of attitude only eggs on that .001% to go and do stupid, terrible shit like this.

    Concerning the Eagles end zone-
    A full lawn AND chemicals(paint) on lakefront property? I wonder what the homeowners organization and environmentalists have to say about this.

    i was about to mock you and say, “you must get headaches a lot”

    but then i tried to reread it for comprehension as well…

    damn, now MY head hurts

    Just would like to mention whoever did the mock ups for Colorado State failed to notice that they are not a Nike school…..

    Bryzgalov is wearing his winter classic pads tonight at home vs. the hawks. So nice and pleasantly old-timey but would’ve worked a bit better w/the WC getup.

    Also from the same game the Blackhawks have a prospect in his NHL debut whose sweater was torn quite badly in a fight. No screen grab and not sure whether they have a replacement jersey with NOB for him yet.

    lets talk about the 2014 winter olympics hockey coverage…

    how bad do you want those pics?

    Um… bad enough that I should just download them now?

    What would you like to talk about regarding 2014? You do realize that it’s just 2012, right? There’s no guarantee the NHL will even be involved, and, if they aren’t, a lot of countries will be scrambling to put together rosters.

    These high school uniforms are ridiculous. I was going to say more but it has me at a loss for words. Just ugly as hell.

    They’re capable of not ruining Temple’s unis, but as Phil said, probably not from scratch.

    Russell Athletic could do a much better job.

    A player in this Under Armour game just switched jerseys and went to the other team to make up for another player who was injured

    Either that, or who was that guy on the 49ers who wore that extra protective covering on his helmet? Looks like that, only in mismatched colors.

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