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Category: Fields, Courts, Etc.

Cincinnati Bengals Making Minor Adjustments to Field Design for 2024

New turf means new graphics, but the changes aren’t drastic.

Here’s Our First Look at the Field for This Sunday’s Super Bowl

This is what KC and the Niners will be playing on.

Talking NHL Ice Design With the World’s Premier Rink Historian

From center-ice logos to red lines, David Crabtree is the foremost scholar of hockey ice surfaces.

Major Find: Browns’ ‘CB’ Logo Appeared On-Field After All (Literally)

We have a new chapter in the story of Cleveland’s famous phantom logo.

NBA Releases Another 22 (!) New Court Designs

If your head is spinning from all the recent NBA machinations, you’re not alone.

NBA Unveils 30 (!) New Court Designs for In-Season Tourney

The project appears to have skidded off the runway.

Chalk Talk: A Look Back at Cleveland’s Very Strange Baselines

There was some odd groundskeeping going on at the Jake in the late 1990s.

A Brief History of College Football Field Design

It’s been a long journey from the sport’s first playing fields to the modern gridiron.

New York Jets to Have Three Different Midfield Logos This Season

The team has never had its own logo on the 50-yard line in its current stadium — until now.

Is FIBA’s New Glass Floor the Future of Basketball Court Design?

The LED surface, currently being used at a tournament in Madrid, allows an endless array of graphics, animations, and ads.

A Close Look at the State of MLB Mound Graphics

Here’s what all 30 MLB teams are putting on the back of the mound so far this season.

A Brief Survey of Team Logos in MLB Coaching Boxes

It hasn’t happened often, but probably more often than you think.

Tasty: Hormel Makin’ Bacon Smoked Over Final Four Hardcourt Scraps

If you’ve ever thought a court design looked good enough to eat, have we got the product for you.

Dyed in the Wool: Turf Permanence in the NFL

Think you know a lot about artificial grass? Let Jared Pike take you on a tour…

The Brewers’ Unusual Dirt Around Home Plate

In Milwaukee, the area around the plate is shaped like, well, a plate.