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Browns Apparently Putting Brownie the Elf at Midfield for 2022

For the past several years, the Cleveland Browns have not had a midfield logo on their gridiron. But in late July they let fans vote on a new field design, including new end zones and choice of midfield logos — two of which featured the old “Brownie the Elf” character.

The Browns haven’t yet announced the winning design — in fact, they’ve kept it literally under wraps — and their home opener isn’t until this Sunday (their first game was on the road in Carolina), but it appears that Brownie will be making his triumphant return to the field. That news comes via Cleveland traffic reporter Patty Harken, whose helicopter spotted the new midfield logo this morning:

Personally, I’m super-pleased with this outcome. In fact, I’d go so far as to say the Browns now have the best midfield logo in the league. From zero to hero!

We’ll get our first look at a game on the Brownie-emblazoned field this Sunday, when the Browns host the Jets.

Update: The Browns have now officially announced the new field design in a tweet of their own:

(Big thanks to Nate Rathjen for making me aware of Patty Harken’s tweet.)

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    Gotta say that given the four choices (link), I think this is the best midfield logo. Does this mean they’ll have “BROWNS” in white outlined in orange in the end zones too?

    This is the most unBrowniest move since the 60’s. A sign I tells ya, it’s a sign.

    Honestly the best decision they’ve made since they went back to the classic uniforms a couple years ago.

    The Browns have never used a helmet logo on the field. There were numbers, and a proposed ‘CB’ logo for the ‘65 season that was abandoned.

    Numbers on the helmets, and Brownie as their primary logo. Past time to do away with the blank helmet as logo.

    Wow – love that Brownie won their competition. Don’t care about the Browns – but at least their field will be watchable! :)

    After seeing them together, my OCD won’t let me unsee that the mascot’s hair and hat are colored in reverse from the logo.

    I don’t mind it, but I get the feeling that if this wasn’t a “classic” logo (in other words, if it was introduced today for the first time) everybody would be complaining about how goofy it was.

    If you’re saying that everything is affected by context, you’re right!

    Of course context matters — nothing exists in a vacuum. But that doesn’t make contextual reactions any less valid.

    I liked the other Elf design more but this is pretty sweet. And this one has the far superior white letter endzones going for it. Great job.

    I remember reading that elves and brownies are not the same thing. Therefore, with this logo, the Browns are not being represented by a brownie, but an elf named “Brownie.” Any folklore experts out there want to weigh in?

    I’m pretty sure the caricature was, and always has been, called “Brownie the Elf”. I’ve never heard it referred to as “a brownie”.

    Brownie the Elf is actually a brownie. Brownie are tiny Spirits that occupy homes and do chores, mend things, straighten up rooms for a gift of food left at night.Brownies can be in slightly less than new garb or some may be in fine clotbes.Elves are generally bad dudes with attitudes. They trash a place, take your things, and grab your pets as a prank. Not likable and portrayed as evil dirty dressed beings. I think Art Model was an elf.

    This is great! I know one of my friends isn’t a fan, but I’m working on convincing him.

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