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Color Line

New ESPN column today — here’s the link.

Meanwhile: Every so often, someone writes in and says, “Why don’t you write about the designs on basketball courts, or the logos painted on football fields, or stadium design?”

As I’ve always explained to the people who raise this type of question, I’m interested in field/court/ice/arena . . . → Read More: Color Line

Muy Loco

In case you somehow missed it on E!, the big uni-related news yesterday was that Chad Johnson wore an “ocho cinco” nameplate during pregame warm-ups (that’s “eight five,” in case you don’t habla Español). He was reportedly told he’d be fined if he wore it during the game, so teammate Carson Palmer reached over . . . → Read More: Muy Loco


I don’t usually blog on the weekend, but I’m making an exception today, because Newsday sports media columnist Neil Best has written a nice article about Uni Watch for his Sunday column, so I want to have some fresh content up for any Newsday readers who might be checking out the blog for the . . . → Read More: Pittstory

Chain Letter

I don’t know what the record is for most mentions of chain-stitching in a week, but I think we’re about to break it.

As you may recall, the topic first came up on Monday in my latest ESPN column, when I reported that the Cardinals were the only remaining MLB to chain-stitch their insignia . . . → Read More: Chain Letter