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Card Trick

Toward the end of my latest ESPN column, I discussed the evolution of the Cardinals’ “birds on the bat” insignia. They’ve worn various iterations of this design nearly every season since 1922. The lone exception: 1956, when they wore a “Cardinals” script on both their home and road uniforms — a one-year aberration that . . . → Read More: Card Trick

Future Schlock

Okay, so I didn’t expect the NHL to come up with an All-Star Game jersey design as cool as the one shown at right, which was used 1950 (here’s a closer look, plus the rear view). I didn’t even expect them to do something as tasteful as the design they used in 2004, which . . . → Read More: Future Schlock

Ralph Waldo Emerson: MLB Logo Designer?

Yesterday’s ESPN column about the different versions of the Tigers’ old English D logo (which, incidentally, should have included a shout-out to Jeffrey Sak, who first brought this issue to my attention about a year and a half ago) prompted a really fascinating response from Steve Diamond, a product designer at Nike (yes, Nike). . . . → Read More: Ralph Waldo Emerson: MLB Logo Designer?

Sleeves of Shame

Special World Series Uni Watch column on ESPN today, addressing two issues that have been discussed at great length around here lately. Here’s the link.

Meanwhile: Back when I was a kid, it wasn’t unusual to see baseball cards that showed players going the unsightly (and, let’s face it, wussy) route of wearing windbreakers . . . → Read More: Sleeves of Shame