Untold Uni Story: The Day the Colts Had Two Greg Landrys

Hmmm, what’s going on here? Did the Colts find a way to clone backup quarterback Greg Landry during a 1980 game against the Jets at Shea Stadium? Nope, but it’s still a good story. With the assistance of a somewhat grainy and choppily edited video of the game broadcast, here’s what happened.

The date […]

Dodgers Rookie Has Dirty-Uni Night for the Ages

There was an amusing incident on the fourth pitch of last night’s Mets/Dodgers game, as Dodgers rookie first baseman Matt Beaty fell into the stands while attempting to catch a foul pop and apparently had a run-in with fan’s Dodger dog (or maybe some nachos), because he emerged with uniform pants covered in mustard […]

Sneaker Blowout Becomes Corporate Theater

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Surreal moment in the opening minute of last night’s UNC/Duke game, as Duke forward Zion Williamson — widely assumed to be the first pick in the 2019 NBA draft — planted his left foot and then took a tumble as his sneaker came apart. He left the […]

A Brief History of Pants-Splitting

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Phil had a one-sentence item in yesterday’s Ticker that I want to expand upon today, namely the news that Providence coach Ed Cooley split his pants during Saturday night’s Big East championship game against Villanova and had to use a Gatorade towel as a makeshift fig leaf. […]