Beauty of a Sleuth: IDing the Ebbets Field Souvenirs

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Greetings fellow Uni Watchers, and a good Saturday morning to all. I hope everyone has had a good week and you’re all staying safe and healthy.

I have a great lede for you guys today. My buddy, Jimmy Parker, whose work has been featured on here before, […]

Tracking the Maple Leafs’ Season One Cartoon at a Time

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I’m not sure how I didn’t know this until now, but there’s a cartoonist up in Toronto who calls himself Brian BeLeafs. He’s apparently a rabid Maple Leafs fan, and after each Leafs game he posts a one-panel cartoon summary of the game on his Twitter feed. […]

Homer Simpson, ‘Goodfellas,’ and the Most Influential Sports Painting Ever

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At first glance, the cover of last week’s issue of The New Yorker, by longtime magazine illustrator Bruce McCall, seems like a fun but weird image of hockey players fighting in a boxing ring. Okay, hockey is violent, there’s that old joke about going to a boxing […]

Houston Project Transforms Utility Boxes into Cool Uni Artwork

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Last winter I wrote about how a Baltimore artist had inspired people to repaint and decorate the city’s yellow salt boxes, thereby transforming a drab street fixture into an entertaining civic art program. Now longtime reader Omar Jalife has informed me that something similar […]