Stink, Stank, Stunk: Illustrator Dresses Grinch in Bad NFL Uni Combos

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This week’s Bulletin column is really fun: It’s about my favorite uni-related creative project of recent months, which is a series of illustrations that show Dr. Seuss’s Grinch character in various (mostly bad) NFL uni combos. You can read all about it, and see my interview with […]

Talking Scorecard Covers with Cardinals Artist Mike Right

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The St. Louis Cardinals have had MLB’s best scorecard cover artwork since 2003, when an illustrator named Mike Right took over the gig. His cover illos look simultaneously retro and contemporary, with a playful edge that hearkens back to old-school sports artwork.

I’ve been […]

Paint by Numbers: Amazing Women’s Footy Scoreboard Art

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Got a note the other day from Australian reader James MacNeil, who wanted to let me know about a great new art project, called Keeping Score, by his friend Naomie Hatherley. She’s taken a bunch of old metal number placards that were used on manual scoreboards and […]

Long-Lost Gas Giveaway Provides Blast from Cubbies’ Past

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Check out this illustration showing various Cubs players who won the National League MVP Award. A great composition, and so many great uniforms!

That wonderful illo appeared on an 8.5″ x 11″ print that was given away in the mid-1980s by Chicago-area Unocal 76 […]