Deep Dish Dishes Major Chicagoland Uni Intel

There’s a Uni Watch reader out there who does some uni-related work at the Bulls’ and Blackhawks’ arena in Chicago. He prefers to remain anonymous, so let’s call him Deep Dish — a reference to Watergate-era anonymous source Deep Throat and Chicago’s famous deep-dish pizza.

Deep Dish recently shared a bunch of uni-related info . . . → Read More: Deep Dish Dishes Major Chicagoland Uni Intel

Post-Holiday Recap

Click to enlarge poobah Chris Creamer attended Tuesday night’s Mets/Jays game in Toronto and noticed that Mets outfielder Jose Bautista had something that looked an awful lot like a smart phone in the back-right pocket of his uniform pants. I’ve never heard of a player having his phone with him on . . . → Read More: Post-Holiday Recap

Monday Morning Uni Watch

Yesterday’s Ravens/Browns game featured the resurgence of a little-noted uniform detail that you rarely see nowadays: the sewn-in jersey pocket. Once fairly common, the sewn-in pocket has largely been supplanted in recent years by the strap-on hand-warmer pouch, but you’d never know that from watching yesterday’s game in Cleveland. Ravens players with the sewn-in . . . → Read More: Monday Morning Uni Watch

Monday Morning Uni Watch

What’s been the biggest change in pro football over the past 30 years? A lot of things come to mind: modern training methods, the increased size of linemen, the overall increase in athleticism and speed, the advent of video review, the increasing dominance of African-American players, the disappearance of jersey sleeves, the utter joylessness . . . → Read More: Monday Morning Uni Watch