Impossible but True: Pitch Ends Up in Ump’s Chest Pocket

Here’s a bizarre item that I missed over the weekend: During Sunday’s NCAA Regionals game between Arizona State and Fairfield, with the Sun Devils batting and runners on second and third, a pitch sailed past the Fairfield catcher’s mitt and struck the plate ump in just the right spot so that it plunked into […]

Did Bill Cowher Cause a Change in NFL Officials’ Unis?

Back in 1995, there was a now-famous incident involving Steelers coach Bill Cowher. The Steelers were facing the Vikings, and Vikes kicker Fuad Reveiz missed a field goal attempt during the second quarter. But Pittsburgh was penalized for having 12 men on the field, so Reveiz got a second chance, and this time his […]

Pocket Perfesser: Stengel’s Surprising Pants Modification

It all started when one of my Twitter followers, Dwayne White, tagged me while retweeting the Casey Stengel photo shown above and asked, “Ever seen a watch pocket on a pair of MLB pants?”

At first I thought, “Eh, that’s just a wrinkle in the pants that makes it look like a pocket. But […]

Deep Dish Dishes Major Chicagoland Uni Intel

There’s a Uni Watch reader out there who does some uni-related work at the Bulls’ and Blackhawks’ arena in Chicago. He prefers to remain anonymous, so let’s call him Deep Dish — a reference to Watergate-era anonymous source Deep Throat and Chicago’s famous deep-dish pizza.

Deep Dish recently shared a bunch of uni-related info […]