Monday Morning Uni Watch

What’s been the biggest change in pro football over the past 30 years? A lot of things come to mind: modern training methods, the increased size of linemen, the overall increase in athleticism and speed, the advent of video review, the increasing dominance of African-American players, the disappearance of jersey sleeves, the utter joylessness […]

Sweden on the Delaware

New ESPN column today — here’s the link.

Meanwhile: When NFL teams go the throwback route, the retro uniform usually includes at least some of the colors from the team’s regular color scheme.

That’s why yesterday’s move by the Eagles is so interesting. To mark the team’s upcoming 75th season, the club unveiled […]

And Guest-Starring, as Himself …

A really interesting subject came up in yesterday’s comments section: uniform cameos, meaning players who made very brief and easily overlooked appearances with a given team. It’s a great topic, and one that really shows the power of a uniform. Take Pete Rose, for example: It’s one thing to remember that he briefly played […]

Aye-Aye, Captain

Yesterday’s post about baseball captains and “C” designations got me thinking about football. As most of you know, the C often shows up in college football but it’s rarely seen in the the pros. The only NFL example I’m aware of is the 1983 Cowboys, where the C was worn by Danny White, Bob […]