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Category: Naming Rights

Commanders’ Stadium Advertiser Terminates Naming Rights Deal

The move reportedly caught the team by surprise.

Ewww: NBA Refs to Start Wearing Jersey Advertisements

In addition, the league’s in-season tournament will now have an advertised name.

Ewww: Camden Yards Might Get Seriously Gross Corporate Name

The naming rights deal, which was originally supposed to be announced yesterday, is now in limbo due to the sudden sale of the team.

Crazy But True: Cleveland Browns’ Stadium Now Called ‘Cleveland Browns Stadium’!

The Browns are now in the rare category of NFL teams with a non-advertised stadium name.

Beat the Rush: New Naming Wrongs Shirts for PBS

With the Bengals about to sell off their stadium’s name, here’s your chance to show how you feel about it.

FedEx, Nike Choose Sides in NFL Name-Change Debate

Yesterday’s Ticker included the news that investment firms and shareholders had asked three prominent ’Skins-associated corporations to stop doing business with the team. Those three companies were FedEx, which holds …

Naming Right or Wrong? Seattle Arena Gets New Moniker

Seattle’s new NHL franchise is set to hit the ice at the start of the 2021-22 season. We still don’t know what the team’s name will be (the latest word …

Idiocracy Beckons: Blues Put Corporate Ad in Anthem Color Guard

Click to enlarge We have a lot of content today, kids, beginning with a nauseating spectacle that took place in St. Louis prior to Game Three of the Stanley Cup …

The End of Miller Time

News broke yesterday that the name of the Brewers’ stadium, which for the past two decades has been an ad for a brewery, will soon become an ad for an …

Some Naming Wrongs Are Wronger Than Others

Word came down last week that the Milwaukee Bucks’ new arena, set to open next month, will be named after an annoyingly spelled financial services company. That was disappointing, but …

The Return of Naming Wrongs

Click to enlarge As longtime readers may recall, back in 2009 I partnered with the apparel brand No Mas and the Brooklyn musician the Rev. Vince Anderson to create a …

A Small Way to Fight Back

On Tuesday, while writing about the news that the Under Armour logo will begin appearing on MLB jersey chests in 2020, I said, “How can we avoid [the insidious influence …