Talking MLB Player Caps with Aced Out Prexy Steve Adler

I don’t usually write about retail merch, but I recently learned about a company called Aced Out that has an intriguing niche: They have a license from the MLB Players Association, so they sell caps featuring the names of various ballplayers. The caps are usually rendered in the team colors of the featured player […]

Some Quick Thoughts on NFL Draft Caps

The 2021 NFL draft begins tonight. Personally, I’m not into the draft as a live event — I’m happy reading the post-draft analysis of which teams did well, which did poorly, and so on.

But of course I realize that lots of people, including many of you who are reading this, are into the […]

It’s Not Orcket Science: A Jersey Typo for the Ages


— Taylor Pate (@taylorlpate) March 3, 2021

About skatey-eight jillion people yesterday sent me the tweet shown above — clearly a classic of its type. My favorite thing about it (aside from the “OH COME ON,” which is a brilliantly efficient bit of performance art) […]

Uni Watch Classics: Nick Francona on Memorial Day Uniforms

[Editor’s Note: The days tend to bleed into each other during the pandemic, so you might not realize that Memorial Day is now just a few days away. With that in mind, I’ve decided to rerun the interview I did a year ago with former U.S. Marine and MLB front office employee Nick Francona. […]