The Untold Story of the NFL Game Face

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Back in January I retweeted a photo of a ski mask designed to look like an NFL helmet. Those ski masks, called Game Faces, were sold back in the early 1990s, but I had completely forgotten about them until I saw that tweet. I soon got a […]

What It Was Like Working for Starter in the 1980s and ’90s

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Twenty years ago today — April 19, 1999 — the sportswear brand Starter filed for bankruptcy, bringing an end to a storied retail and on-field brand.

As it happens, Uni Watch reader Kurt Evans (that’s him in the photo above, showing off Starter’s NFL sideline caps […]

Some Thoughts on This Year’s MLB Holiday Uniforms

As you probably know by now, MLB released its holiday uniforms on Friday. Phil had a full rundown on Saturday. If you haven’t already read that, start there so you’re up to speed on who’s wearing what.

Personally, I’ve never seen the need for any of this stuff and I’d be happier if […]

What It Was Like to Work at Twins Enterprise

Cleaning out the office and found this.

What should I do with it, @UniWatch?

(CC @zach_goodall) #Jaguars

— Jeff Sharon (@Jeff_Sharon) February 12, 2019

Last week a guy named Jeff Sharon found an old Jacksonville Jaguars cap and tweeted a photo of it at me (see above). Soon after […]