A Cold Day Out on the Diamond

The weather was pretty grim here in New York yesterday, with temperatures around 40º and a light rain (which meant I couldn’t go for my daily bike ride in Prospect Park, grrrr). How grim was it? So grim that the Yankees, who were having their home opener — which had been postponed by a . . . → Read More: A Cold Day Out on the Diamond

Best Goalie Mask Ever? Quite Possibly!

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We all know how NHL goalies like to wear a toque over their masks during outdoor stadium games. I believe Canadiens netminder Jose Theodore was the first to do this, at the 2003 Heritage Classic.

Now Canadiens prospect Michael McNiven has embraced that tradition with a new . . . → Read More: Best Goalie Mask Ever? Quite Possibly!

When the Penguins Wore Earmuffs

There are certain uni-related storylines that have sort of become Uni Watch 101 — stories that have become famous enough, at least for Uni Watch readers, that we’re all familiar with them.

Every now and then, though, I come across a story that seems like it should fall in that category but is totally . . . → Read More: When the Penguins Wore Earmuffs

Head Games

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By Phil Hecken

I was originally going to simply post this submission from Paul, who says, “Really good read, from our friends at the HoF,” — Innovations that debuted in Spring Training — in the ticker, but after reading (and re-reading) it, it got me thinking.

First off, it’s a great . . . → Read More: Head Games