Uni Watch Library: ‘Flags of America’

Someone was recently nice enough to send me a few interesting items in the mail. One of them was a vintage booklet called Flags of America. I figured it would feature some fairly obvious, predictable stuff — a 13-star flag, a 48-star flag, “Don’t Tread on Me,” etc. But it turned out to be […]

DePaul Adds Chicago Flag to New Arena’s Roof

On Wednesday afternoon I was yakking on the phone with Chicago Tribune sportswriter Phil Thompson, who was interviewing me for this story about the Bulls’ new alternate uniform. The uni design is based on the Chicago flag, and I mentioned to Thompson that the Chicago flag is a particularly strong design that really seems […]

Older Glory: Pats Coordinator Uses Outdated Flag Design

At right are two American flags. The top one is a 48-star flag, which was used from 1912 through 1959; beneath it is the more familiar 50-star flag, which was adopted after Alaska and Hawaii joined the union.

It’s hard to tell the difference between 48 of something and 50 of something, but it’s […]

Too Bad Juneteenth Isn’t During Football Season

Click to enlarge and see additional players

About five years ago I did an ESPN feature about a mid-1960s minor league baseball team that wore a Confederate battle flag sleeve patch. But I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a college football team that wore the a Confederate flag patch until now.