Nike Quietly Debuts New NFL Uni Template on ‘MNF’

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Now then: Notice anything different about this photo (shown above, I hope!) of Seahawks safety Jamal Adams from last night’s game against the Eagles?

Adams was one of at least three Seattle players who were wearing an updated Nike tailoring template that, to my […]

A Very Important Ampersand

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As you all know by now, I have no interest in purchasing or wearing mass-produced retail jerseys, but I do like vintage jerseys from high school teams, factory teams, softball teams, and the like. It had been a while since I’d picked up one […]

More Info Emerges on 2017 NFL Collars

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Great news yesterday out of New Orleans, where the Saints posted a bunch of photos showing their rookies wearing jerseys with Nike’s new tailoring template, thereby indicating that they are finally kissing the toilet seat collar good-bye. And not a moment too soon. (At the risk of raining on […]

A Friend of a Friend of the Working Class

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Boise State unveiled new football uniforms yesterday (lots of additional photos here), and the jerseys have an interesting feature: Inside the blue collar are the words “Blue Collar.”

It’s all very meta, right? It’s also the latest and most explicit example of a trend that has been […]