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Category: City Connect Uniform

LA Dodgers Unveil City Connect Uniform for 2024

The Dodgers are the 9th and final team to receive a City Connect uniform for the 2024 season.

Should the Boston Red Sox Wear Their City Connect Uniforms More?

The Red Sox have a .786 winning percentage in their CCs. Should they wear them more often?

“The Ripple Effect” Causes a Splash in Twins Win

Happy Weekend! Hope you’re all as happy as the Minnesota Twins and their fans were last night. In front of their biggest crowd this season, the Twins debuted the “Ripple …

Tweaking MLB CCs – A Graphic Designer’s View of the City Connect Program: AL East

Graphic Designer Chris Diamond takes a critical look at MLB City Connects and makes some tweaks.

Some Thoughts and Questions About the City Connect Program

Has the CC program been a success or failure? Or somewhere in between.

Minnesota Twins Unveil City Connect Uniform “The Ripple Effect”

The new uniforms are based on the “ripple effect” of the 10,000 lakes of Minnesota.

Jays Win Despite Drowning in the Night (Mode)

  Well, no one can say Toronto’s new City Connect uniforms are cursed… SEE D CONNECT! #WALKOFF — Toronto Blue Jays (@BlueJays) June 1, 2024 __________ Good morning, and …

Toronto Blue Jays Unveil New City Connect Uniforms, Confirming Earlier Leak

In videos (and some stills), the Blue Jays revealed their 2024 City Connect uniforms last evening.

Another Apparent LA Dodgers City Connect Jersey Seen at CitiField

. @UniWatch @PhilHecken someone at Citi is wearing the reported new Dodgers City Connects #Letsgododgers — uɐʎɹ (@_RF30) May 29, 2024 It looks like we have another apparent Los …

Toronto Blue Jays City Connect Jersey Apparently Leaks

The Blue Jays City Connect jersey has apparently leaked.

St. Louis Cardinals Unveil City Connect Unis, Confirming Earlier Leak

The St. Louis Cardinals became the fifth team this year to unveil their City Connect uniforms

Cleveland Guardians Debut City Connect Unforms

On Friday night, the Cleveland Guardians debuted their City Connect uniforms.

St. Louis Cardinals City Connect Uniforms Apparently Leak

It appears the St. Louis Cardinals City Connect jersey and cap have leaked.

BREAKING: Cleveland Guardians City Connect Uniforms Leak

The Cleveland Guardians City Connect uniforms have apparently leaked via video

Detroit Tigers Debut ‘Motor City’ CC Uniforms

The Detroit Tigers debuted their new “Motor City” (City Connect) uniforms on Friday night.