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Retail Leak Apparently Confirms Earlier Hints About Atlanta City Connect Uni

Paul here, making a rare weekend appearance, because we have some breaking news: Twitter-er @GeorgeP_31 was at a Nike shop in Atlanta today and snapped these pics of what appears to be Atlanta’s City Connect jersey.

As you can see above, the jersey is based on Atlanta’s old 1970s “feather” uniform. It features “The A” as a chest insignia and “715” on the inner collar. Both of those graphics appeared on digital leaks of T-shirt and sock designs that surfaced earlier this year, as seen here:

So this CC uniform will presumably be officially unveiled shortly.

I’m still a bit puzzled by using the “715” graphic for a 2023 uni release (even if only on the inner collar), since the 50th anniversary of Henry Aaron’s record-breaking 715th home run will be next year, not this year. But we’ll presumably hear the full “storytelling” rationale soon enough.

(Special thanks to Twitter-er @miketfrick for bringing @GeorgeP_31’s tweet to my attention.)

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    Wish I could see the sleeve to see if they went with the feather or something else. It definitely looks like there’s some kind of design on the left sleeve with the white piping going up.

    My guess is the sleeve design is going to look a lot like the back of the sock (red diamond) in the pic above.

    Braves fan here. I was holding out hope that the Atlanta City Connect uniform would be something that would, y’know, actually connect with the city, but this is quite a disappointment.

    Very uninspired effort by Nike.
    But then what do you expect? It’s Nike.

    I’m no graphic designer, but I think that even I could come up with something better than this.

    Minutes from the production meeting at Nike:
    “So…and just hear me out, now…what if we take the iconic 1974 Throwbacks, but take away everything that makes it good, and replace it with pure unadulterated crap!”

    “You mean take the feather off the ‘feather’ uniform?”

    “One hundred percent, that’s correct!”

    “But you’re going to keep the lowercase ‘a’, though right?”

    “Nope, not a chance. We’re going to mix elements from various uniforms across different eras, with no internal logic or continuity whatsoever.”

    “And you think the rubes will buy it?”

    “Of course they will. We’re Nike! They would buy a steaming pile of dog crap if we put a ‘Swoosh’ on it. Just look at the San Diego City Connects.”

    “I like it! Gentlemen, you have the green light.”

    Nike is the opposite of their namesake…
    Its just “Lose, Lose, Lose” with the designs from that company…
    I mean FOR DECADES….I used to love to go to Foot Locker at my local mall every week to see what I could overpay out of my poor McDonald’s check….anything green black white grey or any combo….
    What a letdown here from “Nike”….hasn’t lived up to the name for decades….

    A City Connect uniform makes total sense for a club that deliberately moved out of its city in part to avoid the actual denizens of said city.

    Perhaps the new name for those who want to change it….

    The Atlanta Denizens

    Never understood why people were pissed about them moving to North Atlanta. Turner Field didn’t have the development potential. The Battery in Smyrna is just a much better experience, easier to get to from most parts of the city and safer.

    Disappointing that the Braves’ CC jerseys have NOBs and smaller-sized numbers. I liked the big three-layer block digits that they had back in the day.

    Even a “Reverse Retro” would look like Nike thought even a little about the design.

    The worst of the City Connect efforts thusfar. Maybe “the A” was a way to differentiate from using the Falcons’ ATL, but that is the only positive. Little creative effort, truly uninspired. Way to go, swoosh.

    I am guessing that the sleeves are going to have the feather. But they’re very clearly minimizing the Native American references otherwise – no team wordmark, no tomahawk. The uppercase A never went with the 1974 uniforms and it looks weird. Either throwback or don’t but this is almost the worst of both worlds.

    I’d like to think that Hank Aaron’s 715 home runs are historically significant for the Atlanta baseball team all the time, not just in years ending in 4.

    The Braves should’ve worked with a local tribe and based their Jersey off that. No disrespect to Aaron, but it would make more sense with the city connect theme.

    You mean Nike should’ve worked with a local Indian tribe, since it was Nike that designed the uniforms. The Braves do partner with the Cherokee Indian Tribe, with displays and information posted in Truist Park, and have several collaborative items for sale in the team store (including t-shirts) – with proceeds given to the Cherokee nation.

    I really don’t get why teams roll over and let Nike have so much say in how they look. They are there to make the uniforms, that’s it. You wouldn’t hail a cab and let the cabbie decide where to take you.

    Neutral fan here, these honestly feel like they miss the point of the assignment. The point of the CC jerseys is to represent the city, and throwbacks like these just represent the team. I’m sure there’s a lot more to Atlanta than just the Braves, so this feels like a miss. Hopefully Seattle’s is more than just a throwback to the Pilots or their jersey might have a similar problem in my opinion.

    The Braves no longer play in Atlanta, so these City DIS-Connect uniforms are ironically perfect.

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