‘C’ Stands for ‘Confusing’

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I went down a new rabbit hole yesterday. It began when the Bills announced that they’ll be wearing their white “standing buffalo” throwbacks this Sunday. They tweeted the photo you see above.

I immediately noticed that the jersey they used features the old Elite 51 tailoring template. . . . → Read More: ‘C’ Stands for ‘Confusing’

MLB Lettermen

A few weeks ago I did an ESPN column about NBA team captains who’ve worn a “C” on their jerseys. Today I want to turn our attention from the hardcourt to the diamond.

”¨MLB, like the NBA, does not maintain an official database of players who’ve worn a captaincy designation. My own mental database includes . . . → Read More: MLB Lettermen

Notes from All-Star Sunday

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Rare sight in yesterday’s NHL All-Star tourney, as Canadiens goaltender Carey Price, playing for the Atlantic Division, wore the captain’s “C” — something that’s normally not allowed. (Or at least it’s not allowed nowadays. Back in the 1940s, Habs goalie Bill Durnan wore the captaincy letter.)

Other notes . . . → Read More: Notes from All-Star Sunday

Absentee Weekend All-Star Report

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As you know, there are lots of rule changes for the Pro Bowl: no blitzing, no kickoffs, no rushing the punter or kicker, intentional grounding is legal, and so on. Another change, as you can see above on Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.’s helmet, is that . . . → Read More: Absentee Weekend All-Star Report