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Miami Dolphins Player Says New Jerseys Are Coming — But Are They?

Interesting tweet last night from Dolphins defensive back Jevon Holland, who said new jerseys for the team are “on the way.” Hmmmm.

Let’s shift into Q&A mode:

Have you heard anything about the Dolphins getting new uniforms?


Is there any chance that they’re getting new primary jerseys?

I’d say no. If that was happening, it would have happened before the start of the draft, because they’d want their draft picks to pose with the new jersey design.

Could they be promoting their throwbacks to primary status?

Again, the timeline for that would almost certainly involve a pre-draft launch. Also, Dolphins CEO Tom Garfinkel said just two months ago that the throwbacks will remain throwbacks.

What about a new alternate jersey? Wouldn’t that be unveiled before the draft as well?

Not necessarily. For example, the Jags have said that they’ll have a new throwback for 2024, but it apparently won’t be unveiled until after the draft. In addition, leaks indicate that the Vikings and Giants will be adding new alternate and throwback jerseys, respectively, but those announcements are also being saved for later. So it’s entirely possible that the Dolphins could have a new alternate that they’re planning to showcase at some point in the months to come.

Do you think that’s the case?

Honestly, no, for three reasons:

  1. The @CTESPN account, which leaked the new jersey designs for the Broncos, Texans, Vikings, and Giants, hasn’t shown anything for the Dolphins.
  2. As you may recall, I have a source who’s been corroborating all of the @CTESPN leaks. That source hasn’t said anything about a new Dolphins design.
  3. Jevon Holland — the Miami player whose tweet got us started on this discussion — has a history of trolling:

If you look through the responses to Holland’s tweet about new jerseys supposedly being on the way, it turns out that his trolling reputation precedes him:

Bottom line: Is it possible that the Dolphins have a new jersey design in the works? Yes. But do I think it’s really happening? No, I don’t.

(My thanks to Tanner George for bringing this development to my attention.)

Comments (7)

    Troll your own fans about new jerseys?? Ummmm, okay. Not sure I get the point of it, but then I avoid the cesspool of social media as much as possible. I think others should do the same.

    It’s possible he’s both trolling and telling the truth, if he’s aware that there are new jerseys coming in 2025/26. At least, I hope so, their current jerseys are fine but a bit weak compared to the TBs, and they could absolutely do with something that has a bit more pop (mainly, bring the color of the aqua a bit closer to the TB shade.)

    This is the second time he’s tweeted about new jerseys this offseason and he already admitted he was trolling the first time. It’s pretty well known by fans that Stephen Ross, the current owner, likes having his own logo and uniform set that is separate from anything used previously. At best, perhaps Holland saw a prototype for a future alternate, but nothing for this season.

    Good opportunity to reiterate yet again that in fact, the throwbacks are elite and should indeed become the primary set, and the Dolphins are making a huge mistake in not going in that direction.

    Usually when an article headline asks a question the answer is no. That seems to be the case here since Mr. Holland is a known troller. And I’m glad that’s the case because I’m in the minority as far as the Dolphins unis go.

    The dolphins throwbacks are the best uni’s in the league in my opinion. More so the current dolphins logo is atrocious and makes no sense. The previous logos especially the 70’s-80’s logo of the dolphin eclipsing the sun is one of the best logos in all of sports. The current logo looks dumb and is nonsensical. Why is the dolphin swimming through the sun?? That’s not a thing and it just looks like crap especially when compared to everything that came before

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