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Happy Denver Broncos Uniform Unveiling Day!

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Good morning! Hope everyone had a good weekend, as I did. We have another big day on tap, because the Broncos are scheduled to launch their new uniform set at 11am Eastern. I’ll have full coverage shortly after the new designs go live.

Just to refresh your memory, there was an apparent leak of the purported jersey designs last week (additional info here):

Multiple sources have confirmed these as being legitimate.

In addition, there was a purported helmet leak on Saturday (additional info here):


Are those the designs the team will be wearing in 2024? We’ll find out later this morning.

Meanwhile, I have some other NFL news, which I’ll be sharing with you shortly — stay tuned.




Mascot Watch

Yesterday marked exactly six months since these goofballs came into my life. We celebrated by posing for this family portrait, which pretty much captures the spirit of Uni Watch HQ these days. I love them so much!

A bit later, after I made the bed, they did their patented bookends routine:

I find them endlessly amusing and entertaining. Such good kitties!


Can of the Day

On Saturday night I saw my friend Dann Baker, who had a belated birthday gift for me: a vintage Scotch tape canister, which he’d used to hold guitar picks for over 25 years. “Seems like something you’d appreciate,” he said. “I can always find something else for my picks.” Isn’t that nice?

Here’s a closer look:

Dann says the two dark splotches on the inner can are from when a friend of his mistakenly tried to use the canister as an ashtray (presumably when there were no guitar picks in it) about 25 years ago.

I also like how the fine print uses 3M’s full corporate name:

Also, note all the plaids in the first photo: 1) Dann’s shirt. 2) My shirt. 3) My jacket. 4) The Scotch canister. Plaid overload! (That photo was taken by E, who was not wearing plaid.)



Happy Almost-Passover

The only vaguely religious thing I do is make matzo brei each year at the start of Passover. Passover doesn’t begin until sundown tonight, but I jumped the gun a bit for yesterday’s breakfast.

As everyone knows, there’s only one correct way to make matzo brei: the way your mother made it. In my case, that’s with sugar sprinkled on top. If your family went with other sweet toppings (honey, sugar, jelly), that’s fine. If you were raised in a savory household (salt, pepper hot sauce, whatever), that works too. Happy Passover to all who are observing! — Paul

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    You look happy Paul. Awesome to see.

    Cool the Broncos are sharing the uniform release earlier in the day.

    I have two dogs, and I can’t imagine life without them. They are always a bright spot of every day.

    “patented bookend routine”!! Love it. I have a friend who got a pair of black cats about the same time you got those two Paul and according to all the photos I’ve seen from you both I’m convinced cats are best enjoyed in pairs.

    I tend to agree. Unfortunately, the two that we have are not related, are about 14 years apart in age, and don’t get along terribly well with each other. Also, the older one is all about me, while the younger one loves everyone else in the family, but is generally hostile toward me. When Lucy (the soon-to-be 19 year old senior cat that is all about me) eventually crosses the rainbow bridge, I want to adopt 2 siblings just like Paul did.

    Super cute kitties!

    I have tried so many matzo brei procedures over the years. Mom used to make one all mixed up and one as a whole pancake. I have recently used a hybrid approach. Mix it up for about 15 seconds, then let it settle into a pancake. I use a bit of corn oil to fry it to get the crispy carmelization I like.

    Happy Passover! I love the pictures of the cats, I hope the “Mascot Watch” feature will follow you to Substack. Also, looks like the Can of the Day just won’t die! What about crowdsourcing it, just like the Ticker? I have a few interesting cans in my garage and workshop, maybe one or two of them might be worthy of being featured on the website? I bet if other readers also shared pictures of interesting cans, you might discover that there are a whole lot more of them out there than you realized (similar to what you learned about uni-related content as Uni Watch evolved).

    Thank God the Broncos helmet isn’t white. A white helmet on top of a monochrome uniform is just an awful look. This also applies to the Patriots silver helmet.

    I was also thinking that the color scheme on the Scotch tape container reminded me of the Minnesota Wild. It doesn’t hurt that 3M is based in Minnesota.

    I just saw the Bronco’s reveal video on their website. They suck. A true missed opportunity.

    Just saw the “mile high collection” release video. Ridiculous helmet stripe confirmed. Uniforms are whatever and wouldve been better served by a new helmet. In the end, we get dogshit that will probably be like the jets and browns updates from a few years ago…will change again as soon as 5 years is up.

    Btw…how long is this nike contract for?

    The new Broncos “jerseys” are atrocious. I can’t believe those were even released.

    Well, the recent leaks were pretty accurate, but the original leaks from a while back are nothing like the final product. Would be interested to know if those were a trial balloon deliberately leaked for feedback, or if it was all just a hoax. The icy blue/gray/periwinkle color that was supposed be a new accent color doesn’t seem to have made the final cut, either.

    I like these new unis. Only complaint is the helmet stripe though. At least they didn’t go the nostalgia-for-nostalgia-sake route like the Jets and Browns did. I like when teams actually put effort into new designs. I’ll give these a 9/10

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