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Red Alert: Atlanta Falcons Announce Dates for Red Throwback Helmet

In still more NFL throwback news, the Falcons today announced that they’ll be wearing their red retro helmet for three Sunday-afternoon home games this season, as follows:

  • Sept. 17, against the Packers.
  • Oct. 15, against the Commanders.
  • Nov. 26, against the Saints.

The Falcons introduced the red-helmeted throwbacks last season (prior to that, they had worn the same throwback jersey and pants with black helmets) and wore them for two 2022 games. The bump up from two retro games to three corresponds with the team also opting not to wear its unpopular gradient uniform this season, so they’ve essentially swapped a gradient game for a throwback game — a huge upgrade.


Comments (18)

    A beautiful helmet for a great uniform. But there probably won’t be a red throwback jersey this year… or any year, given how poorly they played in them.

    Let me be the 7,236th person to say, “Just make these your regular home uniforms”

    I would love to see them gives us the late 1980s version of this uniform set which in my opinion was the best look with the red helmet. It had a black facemask and the pants were silver. They definitely looked a lot like Georgia for years until they changed from the white facemask to the black one. It was a super clean look.

    Any part of the red helmet era was a summit compared to the Glanville and beyond era.
    But yeah, mid to late 70s Falcons…as Ferris Bueller said, “It is so choice.”

    I wish teams would coordinate to wear their throwbacks against teams who wear traditional uniforms, or even throwbacks. Falcons throwbacks vs Packers will be a good-looking game. Hope the Saints wear something besides all black against the Falcon throwbacks.

    Didn’t the Falcons’ head coach have something to do with the decision to wear the throwbacks in three games?

    Unlike Brad, in my opinion the red Falcon helmets with black facemasks looked hurrbile.

    I really, really hope they pair this with black jerseys. Do it for Tommy Nobis!

    I wish the Falcons would replace the gradient jersey with just a solid red one. I really do think Atlanta’s current set has far to much black and not enough red, and I didn’t mind the gradient just because it added some much-needed (in my opinion) colour to the uniform.

    As a kid I always thought the Falcons wore a reddish orange more than a basic red. In fact, I always categorized them as an orange team rather than a red team. Am I wrong about this? This new helmet looks more red than orange to me so I’m wondering if the color is the same as it was in the ’70s. Paul?

    I’m the weirdo who would like to see the current Falcons logo on the red helmet, going forward.

    The gold helmet stripe to pay homage to Georgia Tech was such a wonderful touch.

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