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Detroit Lions Unveil New Uniform Set for 2024

The Lions have released their new uniform set. The unveiling video is shown above, and here are photo galleries of the home, road, and alternate designs.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • The leaks we saw this morning were accurate. As those leaks indicated, the new jerseys feature back-to-basics block numbers, no-nonsense sleeve stripes, and a black alternate jersey.
  • The white and black jerseys have a chest wordmark; the blue jersey does not.
  • There is no grey jersey, thankfully. The grey design that seemed to be shown in a short video clip earlier today was apparently a black jersey that looked grey due to the lighting.
  • The silver pants have striping; the blue, white, and black pants do not.
  • The “WCF” perma-memorial has been removed from the jersey and reformatted as a rear-helmet decal.
  • The helmet striping mimics the sleeve striping.
  • The primary helmet facemask is blue.
  • Last year’s blue alternate helmet design will apparently turn out to be a one-year wonder. The blue shell has now been adorned with black stripes and a black version of the team’s primary logo. It will be worn with the black alternate uniform.

That’s it for now. I’ll have a full assessment tomorrow morning. See you back here then! (Update: My full assessment is now available here.)

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    They look good to me. I can do without the black but unfortunately that’s a thing that we just have to put up with in this day and age.

    It’s a really solid looking set of uniforms. Even the black looks good and is included because the head coach asked for it. Not every uniform needs to look like 1965 and I’m a Packer fan.

    That’s a little harsh, IMO. This set isn’t perfect but it corrected a lot of the problems with their current set. What would you have done differently?

    Helmet is a nice upgrade. The center stripe pops more with the addition of white, and the BLUE FACEMASK IS BACK!

    The blue jersey with the silver striped pants and the blue facemask is one of the best looking uniform combos in the NFL now, up there with the Browns and their brown tops/orange pants.

    The chest wordmark on the white jerseys is unfortunate, but par for the course. No striping on the white or blue pants is a huge miss. Also, I read there will also be silver pants without stripes, in addition to the striped silver pants?

    The less said about the BFBS uniform, the better. Too bad about the blue helmet, I thought it looked good before the BFBS’d it.

    For sure! Maybe Nike can take some of the technology they used to make see-through baseball pants and find a way to add some shiny silver threads.

    Stop it with the BFBS. Looks too much like the Panthers. Yes, I’m aware that there’s no such thing as blue lions either, but the black lion on the helmet looks awful.

    That being said, the blue and white jerseys look fantastic.

    The black uni with blue helmet is exactly what the panthers should use as an alternate. The grey uni with silver helmet was a great concept for me, ruined by an awful number font, a crummy sleeve stripe pattern , and no stripes on the pants. i was hoping they would adapt that color scheme to the new basic look. but overall this is a huge improvement.

    While I don’t love this, I DO love the silver-gray/Honolulu/gray combo (there’s also a throwback, which I guess will be worn on Turkey Day — or at least it *should* be worn then) link

    Not a fan of three different stripeless pants, but I think that was to be expected. I’m sure we’ll see plenty of mono (even though they didn’t show monolulu blue, you KNOW they’ll bust that out).

    Silver-gray helmet is solid if unspectacular, and the blue helmet isn’t terrible (better than the one-year wonder).

    Respectable, but not great. And better than it could have been. I’d have preferred an anthracite alternate to black, but clearly BFBS is Nike’s m.o.

    Glad they ditched the perma-memorial (guess it wasn’t quite so perma…).

    Hopefully they’ll resist going monolulu, but I’m sure we’ll see plenty of it. And I bet we never see a silver-gray/white/gray combo. It’ll be mono-white or white over blue on the road (and probably more of the former than the latter).

    But overall? 2 good combos and the rest are all what I expected. I don’t hate the blue/black/blue but the mono-black under blue isn’t great.


    To me, blue set is now among the best in the league, and white is middle of the pack, even with stripeless pants

    apparently Dan Campbell has been begging ownership for a black jersey. they told him he had to win the division first. link

    I think these are an improvement, but adding stripes to the white, blue, and black pants would have been terrific. It’ll be interesting to see the blue- black-blue combo on the field.

    I want to see that as well.

    My guess is they’ll wear the throwback (hopefully for Turkey Day), and the black tops twice. I’d guess once with black pants and hopefully once with blue.

    Let’s also hope the black pants make ONE appearance only (with the black jersey).

    5 sets of pants. Mono Blue, Mono White, Mono Black, Mono Silver, and Silver with stripes.

    I’m actually a fan of team-specific number fonts, so the return to block numbering actually underwhelms me here. Either pair block numbers with a classic wordmark, or pair team-specific numbers with a modern wordmark. Don’t mix and match. I also really liked the chrome facemasks, so I was a little disappointed with the return to blue ones. Although, that’s not too bad of a change in the grand scheme. I don’t like the striping but it does evoke a Ford Mustang vibe, which I think (?) is the point. The BFBS uni is an absolute abomination. No further comment on those. Overall, this reveal could have been worse but I don’t think it’s necessarily “good”.

    Cannot disagree more strongly. Bespoke fonts have gotten out of hand. For years, there were a few simple fonts with minimal variations. But today, the fonts have gotten out of hand. There are a finite number of ways to make a legible font that serves the primary objective of identifying individual players. Most of the newer fonts are overwrought and borderline illegible. This is step back toward reasonable design. The Lions are one of the oldest teams in the league; Block Varsity is fine.

    “There are a finite number of ways to make a legible font that serves the primary objective of identifying individual players.”

    If anyone asks you what The Voice of Reason sounds like…it sounds like this.

    5 sets of pants. Mono Blue, Mono White, Mono Black, Mono Silver, and Silver with stripes.

    Not a fan of the black.

    They stated that all black with the alternate blue helmets will be worn and there is an option with the black jerseys and blue pants being worn (not sure if the NFL lets them pair that with the blue helmet as it will not be “Color Rush”).

    I’d rather they had gone 1948 retro black than recreate anything from the Matt Millen era.

    Home unis rock. Back to basics. Huge win there. Nobody can complain about Nike story crap or unnecessary garbage.

    Detroit word mark on away is a drag. Hope they pair with traditional silver pants, but didn’t see it in any of the photos.

    Black is meh, although looks better with the blue pants. And last years alt helmet was universally loved. Big miss in my mind moving on from it.

    Not perfect, but marked improvement, and they nailed the home uni.

    Last year’s blue alternate helmet design will apparently turn out to be a one-year wonder

    I DIY-ed a T-shirt with that helmet. I was going to give it away for Vilkmas but now I think I’ll hang on to it. I liked the blue/gray/gray combo better than the Caro-Lions-a uniform.

    Looks as if they tried to please everyone today. I’ll take what I can get and be glad for the regular unis.

    So disappointed after the jersey leak earlier. This uniform could have been so much better. Why Nike is going to the solid pants for a lot of the new uniform designs is beyond me. It’s so 90’s NCAA. Love the gray pants/blue jersey/gray helmet combo.

    Sadly, I expect to see plenty of blue unitard going forward despite having silver striped pants. Just like the Saints, who go mono black despite having gold striped pants. Sigh. Is it the players who push for these lousy looks?

    Yes because it apparently “Looks so clean” or whatever the heck the players think of these mono jersey combos these days. Really wish the players could be overruled on this.

    I would love the road jersey if the word mark was just smaller . Nike really has ruined the word marks for me !! Just go back to the 90s smaller font size

    That’s a shame they kept the White pants. It’s embarrassing how teams pander that hard to a certain demographic who seems to love the “iced out” look for whatever reason

    Yes! God forbid the NFL try to “pander” to a crowd that will be their primary viewers in a few years. The horror!

    Weird uniform numerals might be bad, but block numerals are so boring. Could they not model the numerals after a Mustang’s speedometer or something?

    Weird uniform numerals might be bad, but block numerals are so boring.

    How is bad better than “boring”?

    THE PUNCH CLOCK!!! LMFAO!!! That is so dumb… GRIT!!! BLUE COLLAR!!! 313!!! D-TOWN!!!

    This change is a significant downgrade in my opinion. I really don’t like the new stripes, and I like even less that most of the pants don’t even have them. We’re going to see those pant stripes about three times during the season, if we’re lucky. Other than that, it’s yoga pants: all day, every day.

    The blue helmet, especially the blue/black/blue combo, looks amateurish to me. I really hate that combo. I don’t think they need a blue helmet, but I think last year’s was better.

    That part of the video when the player walks out in all-black was clearly meant to be a “punch the air” moment, but…uh…yeah…(sighs)…yeah.

    Well, here’s to the next few years of this crap.

    That black one is brutal, looks like a discount Carolina panthers uniform.

    The rest of them are really nice overall, but I am going to miss the chrome face mask. For some

    I have seen The Lions every few years come out with essentially the same uniform since the day I started watching football. And I’m ok with that. It’ll never be great but good god, yet another uni release with untucked undershirts. That part is indeed a joke.

    I don’t get that either. They wear the jerseys skin tight/taped to the pads to keep players from grabbing them. But then wear a baggy undershirt sticking out from the jersey.

    So apparently if you want a classic design the NFL or Nike is charging one BFBS uni to get them…

    That said the Blues look awesome. The whites are good depending on the pants and the wordmark is a bit big, borderline annoying, but I think will be ok on the field.

    The black as expected is an utter disaster but yeah 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

    An NFL team shouldn’t need 4 pairs of pants to get through 17 games. And if we concede that the tail wags the dog these days, fans don’t buy pants like they do jerseys, so a uni set with this many pants would seem to be a loss leader.

    It’s 5 actually.

    Gray (with stripes)
    White (solid)
    Blue (solid)
    Black (solid)

    And throwback gray (solid).

    Boy, I got to say I think it’s a really close effort. I love the classic font, lack of wordmark, and the other clean elements like the pants. But if ONLY they’d have deleted the shoulder stripes and helmet stripes! Imagine how good the blues and whites would have looked then! That’s would be a perfect uniform for a historic team like this. With the shoulder stripes and helmet stripes you get the “Panthers of the North” vibe and the just general modern generic uni vibe. Delete them and this would be iconically Detroit. And don’t worry, I’m equal opportunity: I’m a Vikings fan and I want them to get rid of all the stripes and go classic too.

    I agree; their black look immediately screamed “Panthers” to me. It’s not necessarily a bad color combo, but it’s one I feel like the Panthers own.

    My main concern with any uniform redesign is that I’ll absolutely hate it (Titans, Buccaneers digital clock set, Rams, Ravens, Commanders).

    I don’t hate these at all. I don’t LOVE them, but not bad. I definitely like the helmet stripe more. Blue over silver in particular looks great.

    Agree. I like the new helmet stripe. reflected on the sleeves and the pants. The black stuff should be burned.

    If they hadn’t made a black option, I’d give it an A. With the Black option, it gets a D.

    The blue and white looks are decent, not great. Probably their best look since 2008 though. The black is ugh, but the norm these days I guess. I think my biggest issue is the lack of striping on the blue, white, and black pants. They manage to match the helmet and sleeve striping but when it comes to the pants, it literally looks like they gave up. Matching the pants with the jersey and helmet would’ve tied the entire uniform together. Gives me Jaguars vibes. I wouldn’t have even minded them going monochrome if they had contrasting socks and pants stripes.

    I wish someone with design/photoshop skills (paging Chris Diamond … please pick up a white courtesy phone) could mock up these uniforms to show us how they’d look if all five!! pairs of pants had stripes to match the ones on the helmets.

    I’ll give the overall set a solid “B” and I actually think the black jersey is kind of sharp.

    BFBS: I know the Campbell story now and understand the owner rewarding him but does eveybody have to suffer for this? Like I said many times before: if it was up to the players (and Campbell still acts like a player) everybody would be dressed up in BFBS and WFWS as the alternate: the ultimate chess game, cheap looking, semi-tough practice wear chic.
    As for this new set: I like the striping (but why not on the blue and white pants?), I like the big block numbers and TV numbers and the WCF and Lions off the sleeves. The Detroit and Lions on the front I do not like but that is also current fashion. Overall an improvement and not a bad set at all (except for the BFBS).

    I would like to be educated on the topic of woodmark on the jersey. I noticed a lot of people here in the community don’t like it and I would like to hear why? I think the Detroit looks good as it shows the brand, and distinguishes from the appearance of a practice jersey or basic template.

    I think they hit a home run with these. The striping pattern is unique; perhaps influenced by the hood stripes of a Shelby Mustang. Much better than the klutzy Northwestern striping that came before. Of course, I wish the striping carried over to all the pants, but the young ‘uns seem to like them plain. And the Lions have had particularly bad taste when it came to bespoke numeral fonts.

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