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Cleveland Browns Adding Memorial Helmet Decal for Jim Brown

This afternoon, the Cleveland Browns announced they will be adding a No. 32 decal to the backs of their helmets, honoring Jim Brown.

The decal will be worn for tonight’s Hall of Fame Game against the New York Jets, which is played in Canton, Ohio (site of the NFL Hall of Fame).

The all-time great running back passed away earlier this year at the age of 87.

As of now, it’s not clear whether the sticker will be worn only for tonight’s game, or if it will become permanent for this season.

Brown was one of the NFL’s all time greats. In his time with the Browns, nine seasons in all and spanning 1957-1965, Brown rushed for 12,312 yards and scored 106 touchdowns. Brown was a standout in high school in Manhassett, Long Island, and at Syracuse University where he excelled in several sports, including lacrosse.

In the NFL, Brown was an All-Pro every year (eight times first-team All-Pro, and once second-team), and was also a three-time NFL MVP.

You can check out all of Brown’s stats here.

Comments (9)

    Arguably the greatest player in NFL history. Inarguably the greatest RB all-time. And all he gets is a helmet decal? Bill Russel got a league-wide number retirement and every team wore a memorial patch all season. What am I missing?

    I doubt this is the actual rationale for the Browns, because a) Jim Brown is the greatest RB of all time and most important player Browns history and b) the Browns sold the farm for Deshaun Watson — but maybe….JUST MAYBE…the Browns don’t want to kick up a ton of dust around Jim Brown given his misogyny and violence towards women.

    This business of dimming the light of someone’s career accomplishments based on judgement outside the field of their work is a slippery slope. It’s also hypocritical. Kobe’s past was far from spotless. The NBA spared nothing, celebrating him in his death. Gene Upshaw, cheated players out of millions in royalties (look it up). League-wide patch for him though. And please, let’s not act like we have the moral authority to judge one sin over another.

    I’d argue that Brown was neither, but won’t.
    I hope the decal stays put on the Browns buckets for ’23.
    I don’t see #32 getting the Robinson/Gretzky/Russell treatment…but is there any NFL number that’s worth doing so?

    One would think spending your entire hall of fame career with Cleveland, winning rookie of the year, multiple MVP awards, over 100 TDs (the first to reach 100), 8 rushing titles, retiring as the all time rushing leader and an NFL Championship would be worthy of season long recognition.

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