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More MLB Teams Are Adding Embroidered Helmet Logos

For more than half a century, only one MLB team had an embroidered batting helmet logo. That team was the Cubs, who’ve used an adhesive-backed cloth patch on their batting helmets at least since the late 1960s:


At present, however, there are at least three other MLB teams using embroidered helmet logos. The one you probably know about is the Dodgers, because last month I wrote about their new embroidered logo:

But it turns out that the Dodgers aren’t the only team to go embroidered this season. Eagle-eyed reader Greg Shrubb has noticed that the Rays have also gone this route:

Not only that, but it turns out that the Angels have had an embroidered helmet logo for at least the past two seasons and we never even noticed! I only learned this last week from an industry source. Check this out:

So the Angels were actually the second team (that we know of) to go this route, with the Dodgers and Rays both joining the party this year.

That got me thinking — what about City Connect helmets? Looks like the Cubs don’t use an embroidered logo for their CC helmet:

The Angels, however, do use the embroidered style on their CC lid, at least judging from this game-used helmet:

Who knew? Not me!

I realize some of you may not care about any of this, and with good reason. After all, if a uni element can be worn by a team for two years without any of us even realizing it (and even then can be detected only via super-close-up photos), then you could certainly make the case that it’s both functionally and aesthetically irrelevant. I understand all of that, but I still love geeking out over this type of detail. In this age of increasing standardization, I enjoy knowing that different teams take different approaches to small uni components. Also, it’s nice to see a uniform choice that isn’t driven by merchandising concerns.

Meanwhile, here’s a thought: If the Angels’ embroidered helmet logo managed to fly under our radar for so long, are there any other examples floating around that we don’t know about?

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    Not MLB but I think the Yomiuri Giants at one point had a textile version of their orange YG monogram pasted on their black plastic batting helmet. I have no photographic proof but i just saw a vintage Giants batting helmet on e- bay where this was also the case. Not embroidered but cut out textile with a foam backing glued to the helmet.

    Amazing. I never noticed (must have missed your prior entry) LA had one, much less anyone else. I some ways, it’s a shame it’s not only the Cubs. I always found the patch as endearingly quirky.

    I’m really surprised the Yankees haven’t gone this route. Always thought it was a neat thing for the Cubs to have the only embroidered patch. It has always stood out to me all these years. And that was on the old standard definition TV’s LOL

    Related but not really… I noticed that the Braves added the belt loop trim to the front belt loops ( the “cool” Nike crooked ones. At the time you wrote about this I believe the front loops didn’t have it.

    More and more elements are becoming rubberized or… I don’t know… just NOT embroidered when they used to be (patches and things of the like) while helmet logos become embroidered. It’s a head scratcher to me.

    I noticed that trend too. And I don’t like it at all. Rubber patches just look lazy and tacky. The detailed embroidery looks so much nicer.

    Count me as a detractor. Embroidered patches go on surfaces that could be embroidered directly, and nothing else. The rubberized logos are a much better way to add texture to a batting helmet.

    I showed you the Angels two embroidered logos when you broke the story about the Dodgers helmets. Thanks for the shout out, lol.

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