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MLB Releases 2024 St. Patrick’s Day Caps

St. Patrick’s Day is a little over a month away, and MLB has just released the full slate of caps that teams will be wearing that day for their spring training games. Here are the 30 designs, broken down by MLB division:

National League East

National League Central

National League West

American League East

American League Central

American League West


Here are the games that will be taking place on St. Patrick’s Day — Grapefruit League followed by Cactus League:

Comments (12)

    What is this gawdawful material they are using for all of these? I thought the old BP hats looked cheap and artificial enough, this is worse.

    To think I used to fall for these merchandise money-grabs. I haven’t bought an MLB hat in years now.

    I only like the accidental Gold Glove design of the Brewers, the rest is totally generic. They should have put some shamrocks in the monograms and logos. This fabric looks like Japanese baseball hats fabric from the 80s and 90s, maybe Nike found it somewhere in a Chinese warehouse.

    Coming next — April Fools Day hats, Good Friday hats (tastetfully done, of course), Easter hats, Dingus Day hats, Earth Day hats, Administrative Professionals Day hats, yada yada yada. Sheesh.

    Definitely liked it better when teams designed their own look for 3/17.
    This year is particularly bad. So many teams never wore a alternate colored front panel hat. Why would they have this template for all teams when it doesn’t match their identities?
    Teams have no individual brand integrity anymore. Plus this recent trend of league wide standardized crap for every event or holiday is just boring.

    So we can only have 4 uniforms, but we will have endless hats… Honestly, what demographic is buying these hats? They must sell or they wouldn’t continue this non-sense!

    I was expecting to at least like the A’s and the Red Sox, but nope. All of these are terrible and incredibly uninspiring.

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