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Red Sox and Rays Release Caps for Dominican Spring Games

The Red Sox and Rays are slated to play two spring training games at Estadio Quisqueya in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on March 9 and 10. And as you can see above, both teams will apparently be wearing regular game caps (not spring training caps) with commemorative patches on the side.

Here’s a closer look at the patch design, which is apparently supposed to look like a wax seal:

It’s not yet clear, at least to me, if the teams will wear a similar patch on their jerseys.

The last time MLB teams played spring training games in the Dominican Republic was in 2020, when the Tigers and Twins played on March 7 (just prior to MLB shutting down due to the pandemic). For that game, players just wore their standard spring training caps, without any patches.

(My thanks to Twitter-er @ltflash21 for bringing these caps to my attention.)

Comments (5)

    Wow. These are… not anything. Take the opportunity to do something cool, for Pete’s sake. there’s no end to the damn fiddling and novelty gimmicks when there’s no good reason for it, but they’re going to play games in the DR and the best they can do is a stupid squiggly patch?

    Is there really even a retail market for these? I mean, I guess if someone actually attended in person they might want to own one, but do cap collectors even bother with stuff like this? (I guess the answer must be “yes” or MLB wouldn’t offer them.)

    I know a few Dominicans in the Boston area, and I suppose some of them might be interested in having a Sox cap with the DR patch.

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