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Detroit Lions Clearing the Decks for Apparent April Uni Unveiling

We’ve known for a while now that the Lions will have new uniforms for 2024. The assumption has been that they’ll be revealing them during the lead-up to this year’s NFL draft, which begins on April 25 (most NFL teams now use the draft as the trigger for their new uni unveilings), but there’s been no official confirmation of that.

As you can see above, however, the Lions are currently running a 50% clearance sale on their jerseys, from now through April 15, which suggests a late-April unveiling for the new set. At the very least, I think we can say with some assurance that the new uniforms won’t be unveiled prior to April 15.

The run-up to the draft is shaping up as a busy time for new NFL uniforms, as the Broncos, Jets, and Texans are also expected to unveil new looks.

(My thanks to @MikeT304 for bringing the team’s clearance sale to my attention.)

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    If that solid color is silver…and silver is the only pant option…then I’m ok with the lack of stripe(s).

    Yeah silver isn’t quite as bad as the all white. So agreed if we have to have a solid option it better be silver.

    Add a blue facemask, and change the home numbers/letters to white with a silver outline and call it a day. If you retain the white road pants have some blue/silver striping on them so they don’t look like practice pants. Also fire the all “gray” alts into the Sun.

    They will probably drop the new uniforms, the weekend before the draft. The draft is in the Motor City, this year.

    I don’t think they will. They already did that with the early 2000s Calvin Johnson-era set, and rectified their mistake with the last redesign. I’d be surprised if they re-added black (though I guess I’d better not rule anything out with Nike’s output these days).

    Hopefully they do what the Browns did after their disastrous redesign and go back to the classic Barry Sanders uniforms.

    Loved the logo a fan came up with showing the word “lion” in the mane. It would fit the helmet really well.

    Loved a lions head logo a fan submitted that had the word “lions” in the mane. It would look way better on the helmet than the pouncing lion they have used forever. Be bold, go for something different, don’t just change a stripe color or bring back a 60s logo.

    Highly unlikely that will happen because Bubbles the leaping lion is engraved all over Ford Field.

    Three uniforms: monolulu-blue, mono-white, mono-gray. 50’s throwback.

    No stripes on the pants, all three ensembles expected to be worn as mono (like the Cardinals, and Commanders, before they started mix/matching).

    Mark my words.

    2 helmets: current blue, but with Lion on hat; silver-gray. Blue will be worn with the monolulu blue and white unis. Silver-gray with the mon-gray uni

    Is this based on any information you know or are you just worried this will happen?

    Here’s hoping you’re not right, and it’s just a return to Barry-era uni’s with the current Lion logo.
    Keep the traditional throwback. And pair the blue-alt helmet with mono white.

    After some initial falters, President Rod Wood has made some popular moves as of late, listening to fan input. Expecting he will do so again, with the uni getting more traditional and avoiding the Nike gimmicks.

    If I’m wrong, much of Detroit will totally be bummed.

    It’s unfortunate that announcements about new uniforms end up causing more fear and dread than excitement.

    Bring back the blue/white/blue on the helmets.
    Take the LIONS off the sleeve stripe.
    Bring back pants stripes.
    Stop trying to be cute and tell stories with a bespoke number font.
    Silver pants. Goes with white or blue.
    No BFBS.


    For YEARS the Lions had one of the nicest uniforms in sports, and every decision in the last 20 years to “improve” them has been a calamity. I don’t know how you can screw up honolulu blue and silver again, but I am sure the Lions have found a way.

    But these new ones from Nike are definitely going to be better than, say, a youth football uni…
    : -]

    Are the Lions only getting new uniforms, or have they indicated they are changing the logo too? Nothing wrong with their logo so hopefully they leave that alone. Ideally this ends up like the Clippers and we find out they hired some other firm to design the uniforms (though really they should just be doing some slight tweaks to their Barry Sanders era design, which doesn’t require hiring anyone).
    I feel like the Clippers got overwhelmingly positive reviews for their new logo and uniforms (though just about anything was an upgrade over their current design), so perhaps other teams will start to take notice and outsource their design stuff rather than let Nike ruin things.

    Any reason for the thumbnail having the Lions logo on black? Is there any indication that Detroit is bringing black back?

    A modernized version of this set would be ideal: link

    When I got it. As a kid, my favorite part of any draft was seeing if teams had new uniforms or logos.

    Get rid of owners initials, white pants and mono blue and their look is great already. They’ll probably mess it up big time.

    I’d like a white helmet and blue lion. A deep blue like the alternative and white lion. A silver dime alternative helmet.

    I would not mind a different lion logo but not the ones they used last year. But just a lion head.

    Deep Blue, white, silver. No black. If anything close make it charcoal/graphite, but not black and no Honolulu blue.

    Darn it all…cant you people see…Chrome!!! Instead of gray…white, like the muscle car racing stripes. Honolulu/Ford blue…pin stripes accents only. The bold mix n match stripes look lame. Pin stripes/racing stripes, chrome facemask n helmet. Simple yet screams Detroit. Done, thnx.

    The lion is a timeless symbol of royalty. Royal purple reflects that timeless spirit of the city. Solid mono leggins represent the no-nonsence hard working nature of the people of Detroit. The giant ‘Lions’ script on the chest matches the powerful lions roar. The cherry-oak Side panels and nameplate yoke take you back to the 1950 Ford Woodie Woody Wagon. The future is now.


    Mike Lucci, Alex Karras, Honolulu blue, silver, woven in sleeve stripes…not cheap ass printed garbage they’ve been doing again…perfect.

    I believe Detroit will go back to something pretty similar to 1990s but with a twist. I think the silver will now be a gray shade. I envision a gun-metal helmet look a shade or two darker than the sliver; same for the pants. The Honolulu Blue stays certainly, but the current home uniforms numbers don’t pop with sliver numbers. White numbers and name plate likely returns for sure.

    Does Detroit try to use two blue shades? Ford Blue? I think they could, it’s just a matter of to what extent. I believe it gets mixed into the gray alternate as an accent at minimum, if they keep the gray set. Maybe a Ford Blue color rush in place of the bad all gray? I’m really surprised the Lions haven’t used Ford Blue with the stadium and city history, but maybe it’s a legal thing? I don’t see black again, but it’s possible.

    Overall, with the blue second helmet choice, Detroit’s kind of limited and probably doesn’t do anything too crazy. But again, based off old, Rod Wood, quotes about “staying within the blues and grays” and “it could be an interesting overall of uniforms” tells me a noticeable tweak is coming.

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