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Awesome Sports Designs Featured in Vintage Poster Exhibit

On Sunday E and I stopped in at Poster House — that’s a poster museum in Manhattan — to check out an exhibit of Art Deco posters from the 1920s and ’30s, several of which turned out to be sports-related.

My favorite from the sports category was the hockey poster shown above. Sensational! Here are the other sports-themed ones that I photographed:

Awesome, right? Many of the non-sports posters were even better — just staggeringly good work. Take, for example, this Chrysler design. The lines, the lettering, the colors — magnificent:

I also loved this design promoting Italian manufacturing (which, unfortunately, was produced under Mussolini’s fascist regime):

Lots of additional photos in this gallery:

So good! We were oohing and ahhing the whole time.

And now the bad news: Yesterday was the final day for this exhibit. But Poster House has lots of other cool stuff — definitely a place to keep an eye on.


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    Paul, great post… the sports posters are tremendous. The Watt Radio, London Underground, and Italian manufacturing ones are especially well done. Stunning work by those artists, thanks for sharing!

    Were any of those framed posters for sale?

    Curious what they would ask for something. And do you know if they sell unframed prints (same posters)?

    I like the hockey one too but I LOVE the Geneva Grand Prix one! The blurring lines indicating speed. And the “Nerve Centre of London’s Underground” poster is probably Battersea, better known from the Pink Floyd album “Animals”.

    Awesome, from the golden age of poster art. The tennis one designed by my hero AM Cassandre (I have never seen it before) and a couple of Dutch cruiser line posters to top it all off. Many thanks for this magnificent post. Can you imagine waking up and being surrounded by all this great poster art? Wow.

    For those who are into graphics and illustrators I can highly recommend the youtube channel of an older English gentleman named Peter Beard. He makes very informative and entertaining 15 minute tributes to wonderful artists and graphic designers form the 19th and 20th century, some of them are included in the Poster House exhibition. Like AM Cassandre, whose famous series of Dubonnet poster I can see at the back of Paul taking the picture of the wonderful Modiano poster! What a coincidence!

    Glaswerk Leerdam is also Dutch, by the way. We used to have a wonderful graphic arts tradition here in the Netherlands now seriously being undermined, as anywhere else, by AI graphic designing tools.

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