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BREAKING: Our First Look at the Cardinals’ New Jersey Script

About two months ago, I broke the news that the Cardinals’ jersey script would still be chain-stitched on Nike’s new tailoring template, but that the chain-stitching would no longer be done directly onto the jersey. Instead, as explained to me at the time by team prexy Bill DeWitt III, the embroidery would be done on two patches, which would then be sewn onto the left and right sides of the jersey. (This is the same format that the Phillies have used for their chain-stitched jersey script for many years.)

Now, thanks to St. Louis Post-Dispatch beat writer Derrick Goold, who’s covering the team in spring training, we’ve finally gotten our first look at the new jersey script (see above). Although Goold wrote that they “kept the stitching style,” the difference between the direct-embroidered style and the new dual-patch style is quite apparent. Here’s a comparison:

The embroidery itself looks as rich and textural as ever. But having it done on a patch, instead of directly onto the jersey itself, looks a bit cheaper, sort of like the front-jersey equivalent of a nameplate instead of direct-sewn NOB lettering.

The St. Louis players who’ll be wearing the new jerseys probably don’t care that much about the embroidery adjustment, but they have other complaints about the new template.

Meanwhile: Does anyone else think Nike’s new jersey fabric looks like a paper towel?

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    Totally agree in close up that the new patch-style of embroidery is less aesthetically pleasing, but I think from any distance it won’t be noticeable. But we’ll see.

    And YES! These look like they’re made of a Quicker Picker Upper!

    I was thinking these looked like a different paper product that comes on a roll. Usually it’s just down the aisle from the paper towels…


    Incidentally, is the technology there yet where they can sublimate the logos, numbers and NOB without additional stitching? Just wondering.

    Should be able to. It’s been a thing in the slowpitch softball world for over 15 years already, plus bowling, basketball, etc. Usually done on thin dryfit material though, which might be problematic here.

    I hope that one day, there will be a sublimation process that will look rich and high-quality. Then we won’t have to live with the limitations of tackle twill, and its logistical issues.

    Now that the logo is patched on, I wonder how this will affect the look of the away grays and the powder blue alts. Will there be a bold white outline for the patch backing or will they colormatch?

    They both might be chain-stitched, but the 2024 one just looks… mechanical?

    Like there was a pattern that the stitcher had to follow, as opposed to the old one, which looks like it was done freehand.

    Thanks Paul. So Fanatics is simply producing the jersey that Nike has designed for them, correct? A lot of the conversation seems directed at Fanatics right now, but I can’t help but poijt tye finger at Nike

    In both photos, there is a square-shaped stitching pattern overlapping the bat that seems to indicate a velcro patch on the reverse to hold the placket together at the logo. Maybe that’s a common thing?

    I do like the super-detailed/crisp look of the New…especially the teardrop on the C, but it lacks the home-spun feel of the Old.
    And yet another downgrade – resorting to clear buttons since the jersey fabric is so drab.

    The red and yellow are the only elements “chain stitched” right? (Quotes because it doesn’t look like the old chain stitching) The blue lines look like embroidery and I hate it.

    The stitching definitely looks different. And not in a good way. I hate the white outline around the team name. Good thing I still have my old Majestic to wear. I don’t think I will be getting one of these unless the City jersey somehow blows my mind.

    If you’re into an “old timey” feel I guess the older version looks better but generally the image quality is better with the new patched version. From the stands or on TV you likely would never tell one way or the other. I think the material looks very similar to the older Majestic/Nike template that has been used for the past several seasons but it has been reported that it feels different. I’m honestly surprised Nike hasn’t tried to roll out a template more similar to what their college branded programs use. It strikes me that they’re caught in the middle of what they’d prefer to put on the field and what MLB will allow and everyone suffers for it.

    I like the new version better, but I will fully admit my bias as a Phillies fan and being accustomed to this style already.
    Now that Paul has called the nike jersey fabric paper towel-like I cannot unsee it. Can we just go ahead and make that the official terminology for Nike baseball jerseys now?

    I prefer new too, the lines are sharper and stitch pattern feels smoother and more polished, especially noticeable on the birds and bat itself. and I think the patch won’t be too noticeable at distance

    Correct me if I’m wrong but can’t you get a look at any of the new jerseys just by going to their team shop homepages?
    Just search “Padres Shop” or whatever and there’s promotional graphic on the shop homepage.

    The new Nike jerseys look a lot like the replica Mets jerseys Majestic made around 2010. The team name was on two patches that were heat-applied. There was a border around the team name that was the same color as the jersey. However, on the pinstriped version of the jersey, there were no pinstripes on the border around the team name, making the border stand out like a sore thumb. It looked cheap because it was made cheaply. I hope this isn’t a problem with the Nike jerseys.

    My goodness the negativity is 95% all for one and one for all in here.
    With the Whalers jerseys back on the ice, cooperalls, the Jets going back to their old ways, WTF people.
    What more do y’all need!??
    Relax people, and y’all need to get off your armchairs and try to open your minds up as I am,
    because bitching on here ain’t gonna get you nowhere.
    I remember coming here 15-20 years ago and there was insight and excitement.
    Not so much anymore.

    “What more do y’all need!??”

    I dunno, maybe for Nike to not suck the life out of every single uniform in sport.

    I’ve never studied the Cardinals logo so close up before. I always thought it was one of the greatest in sports, and I’m a Twins fan! However, having stared at this for a minute, I came to realize that the capital “C” is a worm! A huge, limp, bloody worm the birds have captured and draped over the bat they live on to save for later noshing one would assume. Has everyone always known this? Or did I just discover it? Now I can never unsee this!

    what the chain stitching on the new actually gives the bat: GRAIN
    And if i didn’t know better…is that a lighter color yellow at the end of the barrel?

    Nike delivering Fanatics-level quality. Every jersey looks like cheap giveaway crap. The fans see it. The players see it. Congrats, MLB.

    It’s an upgrade, in my opinion. There is more clarity and detail in the new chain stitch style. As a Phillies fan, I thought the same about our wordmark when it changed in 2019. It lost the fuzziness that gave it a classic look, but the overall crispness is an improvement.

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