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Let’s Rank the Best NHL All-Star Game Uniforms

With the 2024 NHL All-Star Game taking place on Saturday, my Uni Watch Premium article on Substack this week is a ranking of my 10 favorite NHL All-Star uniforms.

You can read the first part of the article here. In order to read the entire thing, you’ll need to become a paid subscriber to my Substack (which will also get your full access to my Substack archives). My thanks, as always, for your consideration and support!

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    IMO hockey’s aesthetics, more than any other sport, are tied to the equipment. The helmets, the gloves, the size of the shin-guards, they all give hockey such distinct eras. I miss the old block CCM logo!

    You never see Tackla pants anymore. That brand was all I wanted to wear for hockey pants in my minor hockey days. And only the Cooper SK 2000 helmet too.

    I still remember that in the Inaugural season for the Mighty Ducks, the players only wore Tackla pants. I assume it probably had to do with the ability to color-match the fabric to the ‘plum’ the team wore.

    And it seemed like all the Russian Red Wings players wore them too!

    I look forward to reading it. Safe to say many of the recent NHLAll-Star uniforms don’t stack up to the classics from 1970s to 1990s.

    Every single one from the decade of the 80s is awesome.
    I have a Pelle Lindbergh Wales Conference jersey and it’s one the best ones I own.

    Worked on the 1994 NHL All-Star Game, that was the first year of the white-teal Eastern Conference jerseys and the black-purple Western Conference jerseys, both with a star body pattern that Dallas later adopted. Was a neat departure from the black, orange and white uniforms shown above, although I really liked those, also.

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