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Winnipeg Jets Debut Canadian Air Force-Themed Alternate Uni

Back in September, the Jets unveiled a new alternate uniform to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Air Force (you can see all the “storytelling” details here). The uniform finally made its on-ice debut last night, and it looked really, really good.

Here are some photos, followed by a few highlight clips:

Man, I would love to see this become the team’s primary home uniform. For now, though, it’s being worn just two more times this season: on Jan. 27 against the Maple Leafs, and on April 1 against the Kings.

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    If the Jets made this their full time home uniform, they would instantly jump into the top 4 uniforms in the NHL, with a strong case for number 1.

    I love it too. The powder blue; the curved number font; how the NOB is integrated into the shoulder yoke stripes and not shoved below it. I say make this the regular home uniform. (Or road; let’s wear white at home again.)

    That’s a great looking uniform! However, something about it just automatically makes me think Montreal. Did the Canadiens have a powder blue sweater at one point?

    I thought not of the Canadiens, but the Nordiques:


    PS – Both of those squads may be exceptions to my recent ‘all hockey sweaters look better in white’ statement made recently. Maybe.

    Those sweaters are sharp. Forgive me for not liking the result on Monday night, though …

    Good looking game. I’ll disagree with most sentiments and say I would choose their current homes over seeing these full time, but it’s a great alternate.

    Paul, I’m wondering how your affinity for these uniforms squares with your general distaste for sports teams wearing military-themed uniforms.

    Actually, I do not have a “general distaste” for military-themed uniforms. I’ve liked lots of Army and Navy college football uniforms over the years, for example. I do dislike camouflage uniforms, and I dislike the sports world’s reflexive glorification of the military, but there have been plenty of good military-themed uniforms. And I’ve been suggesting for well over a decade now that MLB teams should wear throwback designs based on old military baseball teams (instead of doing the camo thing).

    The Jets’ team identity is based in part on Winnipeg being a hub for the RCAF, and this uniform is based on a 1947 uniform. It all makes sense, it all works.

    Makes sense.

    I agree this uniform looks good, although personally I would prefer the Jets move away from the RCAF aesthetic for their primaries. Leave it for specific occasions that warrant a throwback or special alternate.

    As a side note, at least according to this article, it seems the Jets were named after the New York Jets: link The fact that there is an air force base in Winnipeg seems like a coincidence that was used afterwards to explain the team name. But I could be wrong.

    That was the *original* Winnipeg Jets. But the current incarnation of the Jets (who moved to Winnipeg from Atlanta) very consciously chose a RCAF-themed approach to their brand design, because Winnipeg is a RCAF hub.

    “When the Atlanta Thrashers relocated to Winnipeg in 2011, they took on the name “Jets,” after the (WHA/)NHL team that played in Winnipeg from 1979-96.”

    That’s accurate.

    Chris, that’s about the *name.* But the Jets 2.0’s *logo* is very obviously based on the RCAF logo, which was not the case for Jets 1.0.

    Right. That’s the part I don’t like: the Jets 2.0 using RCAF-themed uniforms. To me, it’s the same as the Padres wearing camo because there’s a naval base in San Diego. I understand WHY they’re doing it, but I’d prefer they didn’t.

    Army and Navy college football uniforms are different in my mind because the players wearing them are in the Army and Navy.

    I think the difference with the Jets and the Padres is that the Jets are named after something used by the military so a theme makes sense. where as the Padres are not but use the military base as a reason to add the camo uniforms

    I’ve always respected Paul’s ability to separate aesthetic discussion of uniforms from the messaging. He usually mentions the civics or ethics of a special uniform, but always seems to be able to keep that as a separate discussion.

    “Man, I would love to see this become the team’s primary home uniform”

    The current navy blue throwback style alternate uniform and its white counterpart would be the best move for the Jets to switch to new primary uniforms.

    Though in a perfect world, 1978-79 royal blue and red set would make an amazing look as a current primary uniform.



    Not a fan of the white shoulder yoke on the blue sweater just like I never liked the white yoke on the original red Capitals sweater.

    My favorite is still their WHA throwback uni but I agree this is cool. The Jets 2.0 jersey the new franchise started with has gotten tired, this would be a great update.

    Montréal-esque colors (specifucally Expos)? Check!
    Maple leaf? Check!
    Complete lack of originality and more of a hybrid of other, better jerseys? Check!

    These uniforms are beauts! Both as a standalone sweater that fans can wear, and as a top to bottom uniform. The ‘leather’ gloves work really well.

    Do these count towards the trend of NHL teams wearing mis-matched helmets?

    I continue to harbo(u)r a bit of ill-will toward this franchise its’ blurring of historical lines…but it’s impossible for me to not love this homage. I champion its’ elevation to full-time status!
    I kinda wish the Avalanche reached back into their sweater closet and go with something similar(better?) before Winnipeg did:


    The light-blue-dominant color is great, but the stripes are the pièce de résistance for me. I would never design a stripe pattern quite like that, and I’d especially never flip the order of the stripes between the body and the sleeves, but they just work so well. Just a chef’s kiss bit of detailing.

    The silver in the logo doesn’t go the best with the rest of the jersey, but otherwise a great looking jersey.

    I’m wondering how these would look if they went with brown/leather-colored pants instead of navy? I feel like the color of the gloves here is a little too yellow, so I’m thinking a slightly more brown leather color. Off the top of my head I can’t really recall a team that wore a color like that in the modern NHL, but I’m sure it has happened.

    It would also provide the bonus of helping differentiate them from any other red/white/blue teams as well. I’m all about teams that have unique looks on the ice.

    As a person with 27 years in the RCAF I actually love these jerseys and the Winnipeg Jets have worked very close with the RCAF ever since their return.

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