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New Orleans Saints to Wear Gorgeous Throwbacks on Sunday

Great news today out of New Orleans, where the Saints announced that they’ll be wearing their magnificent throwbacks for this Sunday afternoon’s home game against the Panthers.

This will be the throwbacks’ first appearance since Nov. 20 of last year, when the Saints faced the Rams (you can see photos from that game here). The last time they wore them before that was in 2016, and the time before that was in 2011, so it’s a rare treat that they’re now wearing them in two consecutive seasons. Here’s hoping they keep this design in the rotation every year going forward.

Other teams wearing non-primary uniforms this Sunday include the Cowboys (Color Rush) and Chargers (royal blue alternates), plus the Giants will wear their throwbacks on Monday night.


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    I often wonder what people who like today’s uniforms think when they see a ‘classic design’ or retro uniform like this. People younger than me. I mean, the *players* presumably like the black leotards, right? What do think when they see the throwbacks? Do they say, “That’s not a football uniform, with those silly stripes and different color pants”. Do they wear the throwbacks grudgingly? Are they glad to get back to the unitard?

    From what I’ve read, it seems like players overall enjoy switching it up from time to time, regardless of if the uniform is a throwback, or GFGS. I recall Texas A+M players were excited to wear maroon pants the game after Jimbo Fisher was fired, as they never had used them before

    The Saints’ throwbacks are great, and I’m sure this has been mentioned before, but the gold on the jersey and pants appears way off from the hue of the lids. Can’t unsee it.

    If you’ve ever been to a game at the Superdome, the lighting feels very artificial. The materials and finishes from gold helmets, gold numbers, and gold pants may look nice in real life, but under such lighting and then on TV, just don’t match anymore. Still, a great look.

    You say that like it’s a bad thing.
    Color matching in the olden days was not easy- the overall effect of the Vikings Rams and others…Aints included… so ‘afflicted’ still looked terrific.

    Who you calling Aints
    See 2009. SAINTS vs any team in NFL HISTORY
    Don’t quit your day job, you fail at being funny
    Who Dat Nation forever

    I like the new multi-post Uni-Watch, but it’s always up in the air what the last post of the week will be to say farewell until Monday morning. In the old blog, we’d get a reliable send-off to the weekend from Paul at the end of the Friday post. “Peace.” – one of those rituals I miss.

    Anyway, have a good weekend everyone! Peace.

    Like the Dolphins and Falcons, the Saints throwbacks look so much better.

    Dallas has great colors and they pretty much destroy that with their awful color rash. Hoping the Eagles win 49-0 so this costume will be permanently retired.

    Wish the Saints would use the era-appropriate numbers on the black throwbacks that they use on the Color Rush white jerseys. Otherwise, those uniforms are perfect. Need to switch to those permanent, especially with that tint of gold on the jerseys.

    Agreed 100%. What’s interesting to me is the clip in the tweet, which I presume is from the current Madden game, has those numbers. Was hoping that was going to be the case in real life but judging from a photo the Saints posted today that’s not the case.

    Speaking candidly here. Is it more and more apparent Reebok was a much better manufacturer of football uni’s, for on field AND for retail? I absolutely hate Nikes templates. It’s like a shirt with grooves and weird collars, sleeves never look right, idk, maybe it’s just me.

    Hate to say it, but it’s only a matter of time until we are inundated with Nike NFL Shitty Connect jerseys. Regardless of the inconsistency of gold, those Saints throwbacks are absolutely gorgeous

    The Saints have arguably the best uniforms in the NFL when they wear gold pants, and one of the absolute worse when they wear black pants. And it’s especially bad when paired with their black jerseys.

    I really like that deep gold color. Much better than the lighter gold on the helmets.

    The Saints *current* uniform with gold pants is one of the best in the league. The throwbacks (both this and the white) are nice because they are classic old-skool style, but they don’t need to ditch the current look, just stop wearing the black-out or white-out pants! And the Saints current lighter shade of gold is superior IMV. The old shade is too close to the 49ers gold – this is more unique. Instead of doing a black helmet, they should have done an old-gold throwback with the old logo to wear with these then everyone could have been happy!

    While the Saints should only own 1 pair of pants in theory, their CR when worn with the gold helmet was one of my favorites – if one has to have a favorite CR. The black bucket sullies its’ spectacularness.

    While these are historically acurate, they would be lit up on the boards for the two differrent shades of gold if they were released today. I wish they and the Giants would do what the Vikings did and finally match the shades to be the same

    If a team cannot match the colors on their uniform, I do not care to see it. I find it very hard to believe that this is an impossible task. Personally, I am not interested in seeing multiple shades of the same color on a teams uniform (I’m looking at you Cowboys).

    They need to make these permanent home uniforms, instead of the light yellow they wear now. Make the gold deeper like it was up until after the Super Bowl with the large fleur de lis. Color rush jersey with these gold pants on the road!

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