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Tennessee Titans to Wear New Uni Combo on Sunday

Titans beat reporter Jim Wyatt is reporting that the team will go white over white for this Sunday’s road game against the Colts — with light-blue socks.

Now, we all know that the NFL sock scene has become a total shitshow, so some Tennessee players will no doubt just wear white leggings. But for those who do wear the light-blue hose, that will mark the first time in Titans history that they’ve worn this combo.

According to the Gridiron Uniform Database, it will also be the first time the Titans have worn light-blue socks with any uni combo other than their Color Rush uniform in 2015, ’16, and ’17. Here’s how that looked:

Tennessee has previously paired the white-over-white look with white socks and navy socks:

Navy seems like the obvious way to go here, since it matches the helmet, so I can’t say I’m a fan of the look they’ll be debuting this Sunday. Then again, they have bigger aesthetic issues to address than their sock color.

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    Hoping this is a precursor to a return to an more Oiler-esque color scheme (and overall uniform design).
    Take that, Texans!

    I agree. They should just move to the oilers throwback template and place the titan logo on the helmet. Such an easy answer that will never happen.

    The Titans have terrible uniforms, but they could be made aesthetically better simply by wearing contrasting socks (especially with the navy pants). Hopefully they’ll wear powder socks with both the navy pants going forward. And navy socks with the powder and white pants (do they still have powder pants in the rotation?)

    I’m with you on this, if all teams just used contrasting socks/leggings/etc, I could live with all the other ugly details. Only exception would be white pants with white socks as long as the socks had stripes….I can dream can’t I?

    I’d extend that to two requirements.
    1) Socks must contrast from the pants
    2) Pants must have side stripes

    Let’s all do our part to keep yoga pants out of the NFL.

    The Titans’ uniforms can be dramatically improved by changing one detail: made the silver and anthracite stripes run the length of the britches. That scotches the leotard look in one stroke.

    i am one of the few freaks that kinda liked their last set, and it maddened me to no end that they never had light blue socks for their nsvy pants

    That’s weird that they never wore light blue socks with their regular uniforms before.

    Light blue socks is more of a Panthers or Chargers thing, it seems. It looks strange with their navy helmet, I agree, but it breaks the monotony of this white on white. But they need an overall change very quickly, just like the Broncos and the Rams.

    This is already the 5th year of the Titans new look so they are eligible to change. I haven’t heard any rumblings to fix the absolute trainwreck they have but I don’t know of anyone who thinks they look good in their current uniforms.

    After watching the Thursday night game with Washington in their black uniforms and looking back at the Titans, I have a really hard time believing they put years and years of research in to creating these looks.

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