Two Little-Known Tales of MLB Hosiery History

I recently came across two interesting items about semi-recent MLB hosiery history that were new to me. First, longtime Uni Watch reader Trevor Williams alerted me to an interesting passage in former Twins first baseman Kent Hrbek’s Wikipedia entry, as follows:

Hrbek, who was notorious for losing his stirrups, was the most outspoken member […]

New Details Emerge on Astros’ Pioneering Two-in-Ones

Last Friday I wrote about how the Astros apparently pioneered the use of two-in-ones — in other words, socks with with a faux stirrup pattern knit into them — in 1976 and ’77, which was a huge surprise to me. As I wrote in that post, I had no memory of the ’Stros wearing […]

FAKE! Old Pics Reveal Scandalous Astros Hosiery Truth

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There are several well-known examples of MLBers wearing a batting helmet in the field, including John Olerud, George Scott, Dick Allen, and a few others. Until now, though, I don’t think I’d ever seen Astros infielder Larry Milbourne doing it — or any other […]

Browns Go Classic, Become Latest Team to Reject Nikefication

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There you go — see how easy it is when you stick to the basics?

The Browns finally unveiled their new uniform set yesterday. Much like the Bucs’ new set that was unveiled a week prior, Cleveland’s new look is a strong rejection of the Nike aesthetic.