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Category: Hosiery

Tennessee Titans to Wear New Uni Combo on Sunday

Tennessee will debut a new look for their game in Indianapolis this weekend.

MLB Reveals 2023 All-Star Game Socks

Slowly but surely, this year’s All-Star uniforms are coming into focus.

MLB’s Latest and Greatest Hosiery Hero

A journeyman middle reliever has emerged as MLB’s top exemplar of superlative stirrups.

Let’s Talk About Soccer Sock Length

On the soccer pitch, as in so many other sports, the socks have become the least uniform part of the uniform.

Giants Prospect Goes S&S: Stirrups ’n’ Shorts

Vaun Brown has the potential to have the most distinctive pants/hosiery stylings in big league history.

Apparent Sock Leaks Hint at Six New MLB City Connect Designs

The leaks, while not yet confirmed, suggest that some interesting uni designs may be in the works.

The Bizarre Saga of the EF Cycling Team’s Socks

Even if you don’t follow cycling, the EF team’s sock situation has a lot to say about the current state of the uni-verse.

Monday Morning Uni Watch

Our weekly roundup of Sunday’s NFL uni news.

MLB Development Program Features Bizarre Socks

An annual training program for Black youth has some absolutely gonzo legwear.

Sock Saga: Rams’ Ramsey Backs Down From ‘Swaggy’ Hosiery Plan

Jalen Ramsey vowed to keep going rogue with his socks, but he didn’t put his money where his mouth is.

Sultan of Sock Gets Walking Papers from Halos

Click to enlarge The Angels gave skipper Joe Maddon the boot yesterday. Whatever else you can say about him, Maddon almost certainly led the league in managerial hosiery styles. It’s …

Leaked Socks (!) Hint at New MLB City Connect Unis

Good morning! Today I want to expand upon an item that Phil had in yesterday’s Ticker: the apparent leak of the Rockies’ and Padres’ City Connect socks. A quick refresher …

Browns Unveil 1946 ‘Throwback’ Uniforms

By Phil Hecken Follow @PhilHecken Good Sunday morning, Uni Watchers. Hope you all had a good Saturday. After Friday’s plethora of uni news, as you’re all likely aware, very early …

Two Little-Known Tales of MLB Hosiery History

I recently came across two interesting items about semi-recent MLB hosiery history that were new to me. First, longtime Uni Watch reader Trevor Williams alerted me to an interesting passage …

New Details Emerge on Astros’ Pioneering Two-in-Ones

Last Friday I wrote about how the Astros apparently pioneered the use of two-in-ones — in other words, socks with with a faux stirrup pattern knit into them — in …