A Uni Watch Look at Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant died yesterday. I’ll leave it to others to address what he meant on a cultural or historical level, or even on a basketball level. Here at Uni Watch, we’re more concerned with how he fit into the uni-verse and how the uni-verse responded yesterday to his passing, so that’s what we’ll address […]

Ivory Tower: Packers Are Latest NFL Team to Go Mono-White

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The Packers wore their Color Rash mono-whites last night. That made them the fourth NFL team to wear white jerseys, pants, and socks in Week Six (the others were the Eagles, Jets, and Saints). An additional team, the Jaguars, wore white pants with white […]

Redlegs, Literally: Cincy Wears 1936 Throwbacks

The Reds had their latest 150th-anniversary throwback game yesterday, and it was the one I was most excited about, as they turned back to the clock to 1936 and broke out the red pants. They did not disappoint — I love this look.

The team’s website provides the backstory on this unusual uni:

One […]

A Uni Watch Look at Frank Robinson

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Frank Robinson died yesterday. You probably know that he was MLB’s first black manager, that he’s still the only player to have been named the MVP of both leagues, and that he was fourth on the all-time home run list when he retired and is still tenth […]