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Wemby Watch: Rookie’s NOB Typo Adds to Spurs’ Misfortunes

The San Antonio Spurs are currently in the midst of an 11-game losing streak. As if that weren’t enough, they sent rookie phenom Victor Wembanyama onto the court last night with his name misspelled on the back of his jersey. As you can see above, the second M was mistakenly replaced by an N.

Someone must have noticed, because they fixed it for the second half:

Maybe it would be safer to just let him wear “Wemby.”

(Thanks to many readers who brought this one to Uni Watch’s attention.)

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    At the risk of going overboard with the linguistic pedantry: Giannis has his name misspelled every time he plays or is even written about in English.

    His family is Nigerian and his name is from the Yoruba language (link), and can be spelled just fine in the Latin alphabet as “Adetokunbo”. But because his ancestors moved to Greece, where the “d” and “b” of classical times (spelled with delta and beta) have morphed into “th” and “v” sounds today, they have to spell “d” with ντ (nu + tau) and “b” with μπ (mu + pi) that is readable in the Greek alphabet where people know these spelling conventions, but not in others. (Also “u” is spelled with ου (omicron + upsilon), but that change happened in classical times.)

    His name is actually very easy to say and spell if not for the letter-by-letter transliteration which will lead people astray.

    This just proves human intelligence is disappearing.
    You have a team equipment manager, who is with you from day one of the season. He is handed a sheet with the exact way your name is spelled.
    This isn’t Victor’s first uniform, which means that the equipment manager has had to place his name on a uniform more than once. Which means he should know the proper spelling by now.
    That tells me either he is too lazy to use the sheet, or he doesn’t take his time and do quality work.
    If I were in charge, the Spurs would have a new equipment manager on Monday.

    Not a fan of NOB’s anyway (the only really good thing about the New York Yankees) but if necessary at least try to do it correctly.

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