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We Interrupt This NFL News for the Pelicans’ New Statement Uni

It’s easy to forget this in the midst of the current deluge of NFL uniform announcements, but the league with the highest degree of uni churn is the NBA. We got a little reminder of that today, as the Pelicans unveiled their new Statement alternate.

The new design replaces the team’s previous Statement uni, which was introduced in 2020:

Not bad at all. I kinda thought “[Whatever] City” nicknames were more often used on City alternates, not Statement alternates, but whatever.

Here’s a batch of additional photos:

The Pelicans, like all NBA teams, will also have a new City alternate uni, but that won’t be announced until later this year.

Comments (11)

    I love a vertical arch set above and below the front number, it’s a great basketball look

    Agreed. It’s always bugged me the it’s laid out on the jersey. At least the Hornets got it right during their stint in OKC.

    Nice arching, and I prefer the blue number with the white stroke. I generally don’t like when city nicknames or airport tickers are used, but I consider this an upgrade.

    Pretty sure the old alternate was unveiled in 2014. It just gained the Jordan logo in 2020.

    It’s fine, if somewhat uninspired. But as a native Californian, I see “crescent city” and all I think of is crescent city, california. I suppose “the big easy” may not be as market friendly though? I don’t know, just taking a stab in the dark.

    I like this new striping pattern: retro and still modern. Good uniform, the pelican is such a good logo.

    Huge improvement, especially the side panels which were a hot mess before.

    I hope they use this same template for all their uniforms.

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