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NBA Unveils All-Star Uniforms, Confirming Earlier Leaks

This year’s NBA All-Star Game jerseys, which leaked two weeks ago, have now been officially unveiled. The unveiling also includes the shorts, which we hadn’t seen before, so now we have a better sense of the full uniforms.

As we’ve discussed earlier, the league is returning to the old East vs. West format this year, but the uniforms don’t include those identifiers — they just have “All-Star” on the chest, indicating that they may have been designed before the East/West format was decided upon.

Here’s the Eastern Conference’s design, followed by the Western Conference:

Annoyingly, the unveiling pics didn’t include a rear view. Fortunately, however, we saw that as part of the earlier leak:

Overall, very handsome, at least by recent NBA standards, although I think an additional accent color might have been warranted.

The 2024 NBA All-Star Game is scheduled to take place on Feb. 18 in Indianapolis.

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    What happened to one of the teams wearing white jerseys I hate when both teams wear dark colors some people have a color issue with Ther eyes so both colors look the same It sucks One team should have white jerseys like it always was I won’t watch the crappy game anyway

    Even navy and yellow would have worked and tied into the host team. The Lakers wear yellow at home, so it isn’t unhearrd of, and there would be plenty of contrast.

    Makes sense the Western Conference team would be red and the Eastern Conference blue, as those are the colors that have been associated with those conferences since the conferences got their own logos back in the 1990s. However, I still have the same reservations about the darker shades being used as the base colors as I did at the time the leak was shared here.

    It reminds me of the 2002 NHL All-Star Game in Los Angeles, when they went with a darker shade of red for the World team and it didn’t contrast enough against the deep blue of the North American team, a big difference from the previous two games in Toronto and Denver where the red World jerseys were much brighter and contrasted well enough against North America’s navy jerseys.

    On a side note, it wasn’t until after I posted my comment above about the colors that I noticed something about this post – there’s no link to the actual unveiling page on the NBA’s website. Not that it’s hard to find, of course… but I did want to see what groan-worthy “storytelling” they came up with. Surprisingly, the only thing that really made me raise my eyebrow questioningly was the explanation for the number of stars on the jersey and shorts. Five on each side of the jersey, apparently to represent the number of players on the court at any given time in the course of play for both teams, while six on each side of the shorts to represent a single team’s full roster of 12 players.

    They really didn’t go into much about the colors, though as I read it, they were going for a fauxback look, hence the darker shades of blue and red and the cream accents, which all remind me of the Reebok-era New York Rangers’ third jerseys.

    I would like it much better if the stars on the jersey symbolized how many All Star appearances a player had made. First time gets you one star, etc. Would be fun to see LeBron with about twenty stars.

    Nike’s minimalist design trend is just so boring. With That said they aren’t terrible, don’t know why they have an infatuation with the last names under the numbers though.

    Probably so players (or fans who buy the jerseys) with long hair won’t cover up the NOB.

    I like names under numbers but I’m with you as far as disliking the whole minimalist thing. Nike must be laughing their hind ends off… spending so little on design and materials while passing it off as “clean” and cool. Plus there’s the whole lighter/faster selling point. How we ever managed to wear such *oppressively heavy* sports apparel before the swooshketeers came along to save us, I’ll never know…

    They are OK but not festive. I think the ASG logo on the waistband is clunky but there are plenty of stars on the uniform so I like it. Would have looked even better in gold and navy with light blue as an accent to mimic the host team’s colors.

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