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Suggestions Wanted for the 2023 Uni Watch Holiday Gift Guide

Hello! Don’t look now, but year-end holiday shopping season will soon be upon us, which means I’m about to start work on the 2023 edition of the annual Uni Watch Holiday Gift Guide.

Just to refresh your memory: My gift guide usually avoids the obvious stuff like mass-market jerseys and caps and focuses on more unusual uni- or logo-related products, books about uniforms, uni-related artwork, uni-related jewelry, and so on.

I already have a bunch of good leads to get me started this year, but I’m always looking for more. So if you know of a product or service that would be a good candidate for inclusion in the gift guide, please let me know ASAP. Self-promotion is fine, so don’t be shy if you yourself are the person behind the product you’re suggesting.

Big thanks in advance for your help!

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    A few that come to mind are a hockey lifestyle brand – VGHC – and baseball lifestyle brand Classic Grit –

    Kenesky has some goalie waffle blocker keychains:

    Second String Leather, along with wallets and other items, also has keychains from repurposed equipment leather:

    Lots of interesting sports gifts items on Etsy…maybe a vendor from there would be looking for a marketing opportunity?


    I come across a pantload of sports themed goods here at the Salvation Army (today’s find was a stellar 1983 Pittsburgh Maulers replica jersey) only I realize it’s the sort of boilerplate apparel you try to avoid.

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