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Yet Another NBA City Edition Leak, This Time for the Grizzlies

The NBA should really just go ahead and officially unveil all of this season’s City alternates, because the flood of leaks has become almost comical. The latest one is for the Grizzlies’ City design, which you can see above.

Obviously, it’s not an ideal view. Anyone have any ideas regarding what it might signify?

The main thing that jumps out at me is that there’s light trim on one leg of the shorts but not on the other one. I hate that! I don’t mind if the shorts’ overall design is asymmetrical, but the trim should be symmetrical, just to keep things grounded and anchored.

Here’s a slightly closer look:

(My thanks to Twitter-er @heyradar for letting me know about this one.)

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    Why are these actually considered “leaks” vs “breaking street date”?

    If these are actual leaks, then wouldn’t there be consequences for the individual and / or retailer for opting to display ahead of street date release?

    Aren’t those involved with these promos and / or releases obligated to sign NDA / press embargos or does they NBA selectively allow these pictures as a slick campaign to build hype?

    I always.considered leaks to be information that to be restrcited to a “restricted pipeline” that was not meant for public consumption vs manufactured products meant for retail.

    Knowing Paul himself has ack’d being under press embargos in specific cases, what is the difference / consequences?

    I always

    The Grizz have been pretty consistent with the asymmetrical trim. This just looks like a black uni with the III=III wordmark they’ve been pushing here and there.

    PROOFREADING: Took me a while to figure out that “one left of the shorts” was supposed to be “one leg of the shorts”.

    From this picture it looks pretty unimpressive so the players and the young fans will love it. Minimalism, practice wear chic, I do not think of these as real uniforms. They are streetwear meant for music videos.

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